Saturday, June 30, 2007

We can be Superheroes ...and more.

We gays and bi's are often smirked at...downgraded and worst ridiculed.Probably because of what media has implanted on the people's minds.That gays are there just to provide laughter and entertainment...A very shallow reason for existence,much more to our kind which has been granted by the gods of huge amounts of talents.You may find it hard to believe but in my 28 years of existence,I've never spotted a dumb gay...They may giggle and look just like your average sidekick but lay down your guns...We possess the fiercest wisdom and the intoxicating aura that makes the world a less depressing one. (live with that sweetie...)
We may just chuck it out and ignore it but we,the most gifted kind definitely rule the society.Otherwise it would be just straights slugging it out with each other(imagine how boring that will be...)we provide the intoxicating alternative addicting that it spawned the word "fag hags" and "downe"...meaning straight guys and girls who naturally gravitate to these gifted goddesses...And that just the tip of the iceberg.
Heroes need not to be in lycra(though it will definitely look hot!).Each in everyone of us has been given the chance to prove our worth and in the gay community...We were given preferred seats and even backstage pass to do that.
We may not realize it but we are heroes in our own pink way...The struggles we've had,the tears of broken promises and never ending fight to be recognized thru showcasing the vast talents that we have is enough for us to earn a seat in Justice League.We...the gay people have been given a heart that feels...compassion that stretches beyond that mascara filled lashes and an unfathomable wisdom that transcends every hue and race...and these qualities are more than passable to earn the respect and honor weve been fighting for...its rightfully deserve.
We need not to replace supergirl,wonderwoman or Darna to be recognized as heroes.We just have to dig in deeper into ourselves and reflect on how blessed we are.Use it to reach out and break barriers and we'll all realize...that we,the goddesses of this earth are far better than those comic book superheroes.

My own Summerskies...

I never thought that I'd be able to toss my ex outside my system...It took me a year to get over the fact that niko(thats the asshole's name) and I arent gonna be holding each others hand in our twilight years...And I freakin thought Id shrivel up alone and lonely.
Then this guy came just recently...a 19 yr old(gasp!) and rescued me from being a spinster.Im not keeping my hopes high for now but merely enjoying every minute with him or spent talking to him...His youtful perspective in life gave me a new lease of hope to always look on the bright side...ah,the virility of youth!
I feel like 16 yr old again(ok im pathetic sometimes) but I cant help it...he sends chills whenever he calls me and tells me he loves me(here we go again!!!) and I sooo wanna give this thing betwen us a big GO but A good friend advised me to calm down my neurotic side and take things one at a time...after all she said..."If you guys love each other,theres no rush..." Hmmmmn,that made me feel sooo contented.

PS I still feel like a 16 yr old...=)

Friday, June 29, 2007


I had my share of fuckin guys but in the course of my sexcapades...ako lagi yung bottom.(Ooops! hindi pa ako maluwang....hold that thought sweetie...wish mo lang!)E mas nag eenjoy ako sa pagiging bottom...even on phone sex.
I have a partner now,hes 19 years old and a dancer...well,medyo may kalayuan ang place namin sa isat-isa at kailangang planuhin ang meet up so we have to make do with the phone talk...(alam mo na siguro yun...wag ka umarte jan...)
Sya sige,sige...Were fuckin on the phone...doing phone sex with the wild slurping noises and moans(award ang lola mo dun in fairness!)...He usually fucks me...but then when were doing it on the 4th time...He asked me to fuck him even on the phone.So reversal of roles ito...Being a bottom dapat my dick would get limp but tang still freakin hard! sabi ko...sige tuwad...
We finished the whole phone convo with him getting stuffed in the ass and he liked it!!! well,he did bottomed in real life twice but he did seem to enjoy me topping him.Strangely,I am enjoying the thought of fuckin him and cummin inside him(imaginatively...hoy ang utak mo...masyadong fertile!)
Suddenly it dawned on me...Am I turning into a top? again...?just askin though... but the thought somewhat alarms me( may PHD yata ang lola mo sa muscle control!)...but I thought...Bahala na...mahal ko naman si Dada(my pet name for him) e di kung gusto nya patira...GO! but hes still more on the top guy pa din...cguro mahal lang din talaga ako ni gago...hehehe! hay buhay!!! nakakawindang!!! parang kapeng iinumin ng walang tubig!!! kalokah!!!!


Never in my entire life was I held captive until I gazed upon this adonis...My jaw literally dropped! Hes the epitome of my not so wholesome fantasies...And just one gaze...One gaze to have me nursing a raging boner in my pants...damn.
He has it all...raw sensuality and boyish innocence rolled into one and encased in rippling muscles and there you have it folks...Your fantasy and dreams made flesh...taenang buhay to! sarap mo...=)

PS I dare not to say what thoughts I harbor on this guy so as not to put shame on my catholic upbringing...just one fucking statement...Ill suck him dry 24/7 (kahit magkakalyo ang panga ko...carry lang!)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Im soo tired of my work....punyeta,its always the same...same assholes same authoritarian shitheads and same fuckheads ...buti na lang may friends ako which makes everything worthwhile...but does get you sometimes..fuck it!

Im not really this vicious but damn...pare pareho na lang talaga! you fuckin cater to customers who doesnt even care if your sick or what.

Im starting to get fed up with this system...idagdag mo pa yung isang kupal na homophobic sa office diba?kamusta naman?...i really wanna give him a swift kick in the head...palibhasa hindi pa nakakaranas siguro ma BJ ng bading! at thunders na! HAHAHA!!!

...But im still so fed up!!!! leche....

Monday, June 25, 2007


Im really thinking of getting a piece on my nape or at my back.Recently,I talked to my friend rachelle about this and to my suprise,She too was hell bent on getting one on her hips...a form of rebellion she says.I got more personal reasons.Im more on the artistic and esoteric reasons.That if I could endure the pain of getting a skin art,then I could endure anything-be it physical or emotional.I just dont know..Its an obsession eversince in my teenage years...But im still weighing all the pros and cons as of the moment.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Im currently into someone....hes 19 yrs old and a dancer.Studies in UST.I like the guy but Ill try to keep my emotions at bay.I dont wanna be ruined again but frankly speaking,,,im enjoying it...he cares a lot and so do I.I hope this will last....keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday, June 22, 2007


...ITs about to happen...somebody popped in my life from the past and now hes single and most likely ready to take the chance again...I decided to take time in knowing guy...and Im quite certain that this time...Ill call the shots.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


There are still pieces of me that the world hasnt seen yet...The vulnerable side and the loving and tender part.All they see is the grit and the bitchy but I guess everyone is just trying to make it appear that they are tough but deep inside we are all the same...we need someone to be complete.

" When will my reflection show...who I am inside..."

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Here am I still...trying to make sense out of whats left in my emotional state...I feel so lonely.But I have to move on.Whining just wont do.
Im slowly gaining perpective of what lies ahead of me.That God has some plans for me thats why I cant seem to settle now...Hes saving the best for last most probably.I could wait...I have waited this 28 years of my life.
I maybe alone...but with the blessings slowly unfolding themselves in front of me,maybe just can wait.And Im really hoping that whats in store for me would last.That this waiting would be worth it...till then I could only smile.

PS my skin is getting looking more presentable(sign of better things to come...? =)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Have you ever...?

I just let go or more like I asked a guy to let go of me...Thats the only way I could forget him and move on.It is hard...I cried.But im hoping that love would still smile...that I could smile again.I know I have so much love to give...and I miss him.
I have to stand up for my decision.That what happened was for the both of us...Have you ever cared for someone so much that it hurts?...I can only hope for now.My heart's in tears but I know that all is not lost.That I'll be able to find again my silver lining...till then...

Forever Yours

There comes a time that when you thought everything was fine,everything gets entangled emotionally.This is my current state now.
Im so into this guy yet he seems to be attached still in the past...I know waiting is a good thing and patience is a virtue but I couldnt wait till kingdom come...I still have my own happiness to find and cherish as well...Im in pain because he doesnt wanna let me go,wants me to wait for him...till when?
I hope he realizes that love not time can erase the wounds...that Im here for him,And i can do something about it...but till then ,I can only hope...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

First Love (piano version)

This one really blew me away..poignantly sweet..of unspoken emotions and tears...I just cant help but be misty eyed upon hearing this...hope you like this version.

This what Im feeling now...current still hoping though...that love would still conquer in every fairy tale.

P.S. This is for you Dane...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

You think you got me all figure're fuckin wrong sweetie

Im writing my emotions again...thought I got it all figure out but hey,I fuck up sometimes.Im just human.but then again...

I guess I possess one of the most resilient souls ever descended on earth.I do cry.Believe me but I just dont easily give up.If I feel that everything is up against me...I just keep my quiet and observe.When the coast is clear thats when I'll wreak havoc.Throw the lightning and thunder in every place and consume those who bravely stand in my way...figuratively.
This stemmed from the fact that in my early years |I resolved not to be consumed and be bullied by the system.I learned how to go against the current no matter how hard it is and its been worth the fight.I screw up in the process but nevertheless,the ride was rewarding and worth it for here I am..Beautiful and gloriously DEVIANT.

And I just wont let the fuckin norm eat me...EVER.
...I have me consume you...

Friday, June 15, 2007


I ditched someone again for the longest time.It was the love that I thought would seal my fate.I dont know but things are just ...well,messed up as of the moment.Hes not the communicating type.And I dont need that stupid alibi.So there.
On the other side,I think I have the hindenberg complex,like everything's going fine for sometime then all of the sudden, everything's debris of fire and brimstone.thats me.(well,atleast when I feel that the guy doesnt fit the word SACRIFICE.I might be bitchy...yes,I can admit that but maybe its just because Im protecting my interest.When I see that the guy is not worth the effort,why bother?as simple as that.
My lovelife is boring now but Im not complaining.Ill take a stab on that bitch mode one last time...The guy is ugly, ugly on my standards that my dog looks more ok.He looks like he doesnt have class in his pictures...(I clearly said Ill be bitchy one last time right?) So there.
Im ok far.My visions of fairytale is not yet ruined dont worry... but right now,I think I'll enjoy my single blessedness.And I'll wreak havoc again...I know that its vicious but Im sooo loving it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I love this song so much! Its one of madonna's classic.The vocals are astoundingly perfect...harmony wise.Its like a breeze that preceeds the downpour.Primal yet fresh...I just dont know whats with this song but whenever I have a problem,I listen to this and whatever I have at the moment just starts to ebb.Its cathartic.More like it cleanses me just like when the rain pours on you...It washes everything...physical and emotional.heres the vid and the lyrics of this song.

Madonna - Rain Lyrics

I feel it, it's coming


Rain, feel it on my finger tips
Hear it on my window pane
Your love's coming down like
Rain, wash away my sorrow
Take away my pain
Your love's coming down like rain

When your lips are burning mine
And you take the time to tell me how you feel
When you listen to my words
And I know you've heard, I know it's real
Rain is what this thunder brings
For the first time I can hear my heart sing
Call me a fool but I know I'm not
I'm gonna stand out here on the mountain top
Till I feel your


When you looked into my eyes
And you said goodbye could you see my tears
When I turned the other way
Did you hear me say
I'd wait for all the dark clouds bursting in a perfect sky
You promised me when you said goodbye
That you'd return when the storm was done
And now I'll wait for the light, I'll wait for the sun
Till I feel your


Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say, never go away

Waiting is the hardest thing
[It's strange I feel like I've known you before]
I tell myself that if I believe in you
[And I want to understand you]
In the dream of you
[More and more]
With all my heart and all my soul
[When I'm with you]
That by sheer force of will
[I feel like a magical child]
I will raise you from the ground
[Everything strange]
And without a sound you'll appear
[Everything wild]
And surrender to me, to love

Rain is what the thunder brings
For the first time I can hear my heart sing
Call me a fool but I know I'm not
I'm gonna stand out here on the mountain top
Till I feel your

Rain, I feel it, it's coming
Your love's coming down like


Rain, I feel it, it's coming
Your love's coming down like

[I'll stand out on the mountaintop
And wait for you to call my name]

Male Harem

I love the pics in sean cody...they have a preview of endless guys on solo,threesome or groups...if you wanna see on the link below and go to the part PREVIEW.Enjoy!



Its been 10 years since I came out and accepted the fact that I'm gay.It triggered everything when I was paired in a reporting with a guy named laurence who would be a friend for life.(miss you gurl!)Hes a matt mendoza dead ringer.He helped understand things that I dont know that time and gave me the most wonderful gift a gay man could have...He thought me how to surf the net.=)
Here I am now,living in this colorful and diverse world of gifted individuals and I might say living my life to the most.I had my share of rejections(Our world can be so fierce for the weakhearted) and detours but nevertheless I emerged in each obstacle more gloriously beautiful...with lesson learned to use for the next battle and challenge...Indeed,the skies never been so blue and everything never felt so beautiful after every realization...It definitely made me stronger inside out.
I also thank those people who graced my ever colorful life.Some left with not so good memories,some became friends for keeps...all in all,it was worth the ride.And I could never been more thankful to the Lord for choosing me to sit on the driver's seat.He really knows me well.
Im reaching my 30's but I feel that my life is just starting to unfold.The kind where everything pulsates with so much anticipation and excitement.I have the mind of a grown up man but looking into a teenager's eyes.After all the hardships I've been thru,Life is still beautiful and worth cherishing...And Im just starting to shine.=)


No one could ever personified the male orgasm than this guy.Hes a model.The name is Patrick Raebsetter.I love the way projects in this photo op.I guess at one point in our lives..or up to now,we are still like this when we're cumming( guilty here...)

The Gay Man's Prayer

Probably you aint sayin it right....(smiles)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The fiercest Oriental seduction

I dont usually get engrossed on male models but when I browsed on Leandro Okabe's pics in thye net...jeez! heaven must be really missing an angel...when seduction was made into flesh,it was him.Hes almost boyish yet manly aura kinda grows on you...not to mention that perfect physique...damn...Hes INTENSE!!! If you have the sudden urge to view handsome guys more...more juicy pics at the link below! help yourself !!!


Just because...

This song is for the one who captured my amount of lovesong can equal what I feel..hope this would explain a bit of what Im feelin you much sweetie...=)

Heaven give me words...

A favorite 80's song..the words are just perfect.Kinda melts you down with so much intensity...


Take these words they come out wrong
They won't express this old emotional thing
If you could see inside my mind
You'd know the love and feel this passionate thing

You stepped into my locked out world
I felt your touch on my shoulder
You turned my mind right over
Like a child before it learns to speak
I turn to stone, I turn to stone

Heaven give me words to tell you
How I am feeling
What I am needing
Heaven let this message reach you
This desperation
Will stop my heart from beating

I won't be giving in
I'll die if I don't tell you just how I feel
I'll make you truly understand
What kind of man could live with feelings
Of steel
I used to be so self contained
When I thought about love
A conversation heart to heart
I must confess this old emotional thing

Before you think that I'm a fool
There's a flame that burns here
Here's a feeling that's so rare
It's my nightmare when I go to speak
I turn to stone, I turn to stone

Heaven give me words to tell you
How I am feeling
What I am needing
Heaven let this message reach you
This desperation
Will stop my heart from beating
Heaven give me words
Heaven give pride
Heaven let this message reach you

You've seen a heart worn on my sleeve
I must express this old emotional thing
Please be a witness to my dreams
Or I'll wake up and say now
Can this be real?
Before you think that I'm a fool
There's a flame that burns here
Here's a feeling that's so rare
It's my nightmare when I go to speak
I turn to stone, I turn to stone

Heaven give me words to tell you
How I am feeling
What I am needing
Heaven let this message reach you
This desperation
Will stop my heart from beating

Heaven give me words to tell you
How I am feeling
What I am needing
Heaven let this message reach you
This desperation
Will stop my heart from beating

Heaven give me words
Heaven give pride
Heaven let this message reach you


This is one of the 80's song that I really love...its just sooo positive that it makes you hum long after youve heard it...A recommended song for those who are inlove...enjoy!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

You dont know what its taken me to say these words...

My life's quite happy now I could say...I have someone who loves me(still keepin my fingers crossed)and loving him in return.Frankly speaking I couldnt ask for more.We are still in the process of geting to know each other and I'm enjoying every minute talking to him.I dont know but with him,it feels like I dont have to rush things.Hes 20 and I'm 28 but we feel that since were together now,Everything just falls into place...He still as sweet as the first time I talked to him.It made me smile knowing that in one of our conversations,he's planning to marry me by the time I'll reach my 30.Well,if this would be the very last time Ill give my heart so be it...Ill give everything to him...All of me.
Life's really full of tough suprises,just when you thought that everything is so stagnant,something wonderful pops in and you can do nothing but just to give in...=) Im really hoping that its him.I've been around and shed tears to last me till the next lifetime And I'm deciding that this time its for real...I'm gonna make it real...and hopefully...the last time i will fall.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Keepin my fingers crossed....

I found someone...well,nothing short of miracle but we kinda clicked....he fell for me that fast...Same thing happened to me.I just dont know whats with the way I talk,people are drawn on me.Im not being conceited on this and the tagged sweet is really an understatement but it always always goes that way.
I have seen him,I mean his picture and yeah,he's got the X factor...I hope he's him...Though I came from a slew of relationships with good looking guys,Theirs arent for keepin.This guy really is someone I'd like to know deeper as the days would progress...

" Hopefully,this is the last time I'll fall..."

Ding!...ang bato! dali!!!

This my favorite Darna of all time,Ate Vi essaying the legendary role of phillipine's first superheroine...some hot kick ass action here! the superhero in every one of us.

My favorite mantra!!!!

The best things in life are free...cmon man! you gotta take it that most things that make you happy arent the ones being sold in the stores...cheers for the best of times!!!!

Love will never do without you

This song never fails to make me happy no matter how we will always be there...definitely a tops!!!

Just a lil while...

I love this video! one of janet's best!!! A get upper song definitely!!!

I want you to want me

A favorite in the late 90' for driving on a long stretch,cool afternoon yourself!

Thank you Lord

I may not have everything Im wishing...but Im richer than most people...most probably because upon looking back...I just realized Im blessed with so many things that I may not want but definitely I need.
God really is so good.I may have turned my back away from Him several times but He still made everything smooth sailing for me.Im really unworthy but In my most sincere heart,Im thanking You for everything thats good and worthwhile.Im not rich but my family gets by day to day,safe from harm and laughter's a constant presence in the house.No amount of moolah can replace that.
Indeed the best things in life are free...One that is readily available always if you have the courage to seek it.I maybe not perfect but its the struggle that I be the best that I matter how flawed I am.And for all the blessings that been coming in our family and the upcoming blessings...Thank you.Thank you for reminding us that You alone are the Great Provider.Ill be forever grateful

Thursday, June 7, 2007

If by Janet jackson

The most sensual thought one could harbor on anyone...heres the lyrics for your imagination..(smiles)


Sittin' over here
Starin' in your face
With lust in my eyes
Sure don't give a damn and
You don't know
That I've been dreamin of ya in
My fantasy
Never once you looked at me
Don't even realize that I'm
Wantin' you
To fulfill my needs
Think what you want
Let you mind free
Run free to a place that no one
Dares to
How many nights I've laid in bed
Excited over you
I've closed my eyes and thought of us
A hundred different ways
I've gotten there so many times
I wonder how 'bout you
Day and night, night and day
All I've got to say is

If I was your girl
Oh the things I'd do to you
I'd make you call out my name
I'd ask who it belongs to
If I was your woman
The things I'd do to you
But I'm not, so I can't
Then I won't, but,
If I was your girl

Allow me some time to play with your mind
And you'll get there again and again
Close your eyes and imagine my
Body undressed
Take your time, we've got all night
You on the rise as you're touchin'
My thighs
And let me know what you like
If you like, I'll go down
Da down down down da down down
I'll hold you in my hand and baby
Your smooth and shiny feels good
Against my lips sugar
I want you so bad I can taste your
love right now, baby
Day and night, night and day
All I've got to say is

If I was your girl
Oh the things I'd do to you
I'd make you call out my name
I'd ask who it belongs to
If I was your woman
The things I'd do to you
But I'm not, so I can't
Then I won't, but,
If I was your girl

(Repeat Chorus)


Funny thing to know that what comes around really goes around.I dropped by at my ex blog and kinda browsed on the entries.I was suprised to know that he was rejected and was in pain.I know it wasnt right but something in me the sense that I felt vindicated.For all the pain he caused me...or more like for all the love I have given but got nothing in return.I thought I'll pity him coz hes feeling sorry but I guess gone are the days when I was still into him...pining over what could've been...Time may not be the sole factor in moving on but it definitely helped me realize that I deserve more.That theres no point in holding on to the past because its just like that...the past.And no amount of holding on could continue everything that was destroyed.
I used to think that love will never end.That we would grow old together.But I guess things arent really going the way we wanted it before.At least on my part...But thats ok.It took me a year to move on and those dark times made me dig deeper into my emotions and made me hope for a better one who will come along despite the thorns that pierced my heart.
To you,I have loved you with all my life until I read your blog.It made me realize that we really should part ways-emotionally.No more whining on my part...It maybe so cruel of me to smile secretly after knowing youre in pain but thats just the way it is...I need some sign.Cold and cruel it may seem but in your pain I was able to free my soul from the chains of your memory.Ill never forget the happy times but thats just about it.a pale shade of you...I have moved on FINALLY...and its good to be back and smell the freshness of new possibilities.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My Hunk Hugo Villegas Mr.Colombia

Damn!!! this guy is sooo hot! I was browsing thru the Mr World website when I spotted this hunk..hes Hugo Villegas from colombia.Personally,I prefer him than the reigning Mr.World...hes got boyish charm combined with a manly sex appeal..its just oozing..what,with that stubble on his chin...aaaaw...damn...i better wipe my drool..hehehe.Hes a sure fire certified Hunk!

Catch other hunks at

A Lusty night with Big daddy

Last night I met someone whom Ive been texting since last year.Weve been friends over the phone,done some naughty things on the phone as well...anticipation is really high for it will be the first time i'll lay my eyes on him.I told him not to expect that much as well...hes been kind enough to inform me that hes not for looks but for character.So there.
Ok we had sex in his condo but somethings lacking...I mean I had to turn off the lights in order for my imagination to take centerstage.What can I say?the guy's 42 and 6ft but he still is goodlooking somehow...and not to mention he has a thick dickies.And yeah,hes so kind and I love his car perfume.Its ambipure cherry.(chuckles)
I liked the way he romanced me,it was sooo good.well I guess expertise comes with age.But really,sometimes I feel like by having a no standard on meeting...I subconsciously sets standards on my own that's why I got a little off when I met him physically...though I just kept inside.

But sex wise...Hes freakin GOOD...we got 2 rounds last night...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

On a night like this...

my fave kylie video..never fails to make me go getter song!!!


I just dont know whats with orgasm...yeah I admit thats its a nerve wracking feeling...more like a heavenly paroxysmal movement of all muscles that makes you shout and grunt to total ecstasy...but really...what with that feeling that makes us(even me) come back for more?...damn.
I personally feel relieved everytime i I cum...It feels like my soul is being spurted out from my cock that Im really grippin the sheets with my other hand while my pole spurts...damn happy feeling.
Its hard to explain I know,but you can call me an addict to the feeling...I just love cumming every now and then...too bad I'm not a young guy anymore who can be provoked with the lightest seduction but nevertheless,the feeling is still the same.better and more intense this time...Im freakin cumming! =)

Monday, June 4, 2007


I just feel like writing now...It seems that Im sooo down phones not working properly.damn.I couldnt talk to my friends...then,whats a guy supposed to do on a boring night?Im really pissed.I think Ill get a new phone sooner or later.My former phone was stolen in the office! dammit...its sooo fucked up,not to mention that the atmosphere in the house is somewhat tensed.for reasons I dont know...but I know tht it will change for the better...I can almost feel it...I;ll be on the top of the world again.I know.

Leandro Okabe

One of the dreamboats of the orient...same heritage...hes just a GOD!!! hes sooo sexy and adorable...He's what every gay man's liquid fantasy is made of...(including mine...chuckles)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hail to the Bitch Goddess

I just hate it when people are trying to make themselves more important but dissing "important events" that they've been thru and also the upcoming events in their lives.Jesus,like I care...I have my own social calendar...I maybe not that active and going out every friday night is sooo boring already,its just that its so plain.I'd rather clip a bonsai than do their thing.dont get me wrong but I've been there.Im a former band vocalist in the late 90's.So its very much a "been there and done that " for me.
Well,I couldnt care less.I smile secretly...Being the goddess bitch that I am,I know when to strike definitely would rock and shatter their fragile cocoons.Hail to the bitch goddess!!!


Not that If I can help it but Im really we,the gay men have really a shot in happiness?when are we going to find our own utopia?
After some recollection of what I've been just dawned on me that the happiness and heaven that we long for is with us ever since.To make it last is another story.Most probably,If we all have the courage to dig in deeper into our selves...maybe we never have to look for that elusive fairytale elswhere.That in every man,there resides our own utopia,and its up to us to unlock the heaven that we've been dreaming.
If we'll just take time to realize that we are special and beautiful in our way...then maybe that would serve as the key for a more meaningful perspective in everything..and happiness that would be definitely for keeps.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Ever After Kiss

This is the kiss that caught my gentle and yet so seems like all the unspoken emotions are being felt here...damn.Some kiss you got here!


I just dont know whats happening right now..its sooo ironic that it makes me chuckle.Everytime I resolve not to get into any relationship and just enjoy being single,throng of guys would start popping out from limbo to know me...hey,Im not being conceited here or narcissistic(hell,I'm not even gorgeous to begin with) but it always freakin happens... im sooo enjoying the reversal of fortune.Time to shine!

...My own Erotica..

Fine fine..I'll come clean to you guys...Im a highly sensual and sexual person...Sex liberates me from the mundane routines of life..It brings back the zest and that coveted pink blush on the cheeks...Indeed,Sex is not better...Its the best!
I learned the craft of physical seduction at a very early age.Having my lips on my older cousin's cock at a tender age of 7 paved the way for that sensual siren in me...Dont get me wrong...Im not a nympho..just your highly sensual gay guy here...And ooohhh How I love to fuck and be fucked...(winks)


I have a penchant for big muscular and stocky daddies...They make me feel wanted..I found this picture courtesy of a friend(thanks mike) and Boy!!! did he look good!!! I love every muscle and fat that he very own daddy..Oh cmon dad,I've been very naughty...spank me!!! hehehe

ATTACHED: some pics of him that almost made me go crazy...such a big and handsome daddy!