Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Musings of a 31 year old Chinito

Time flies sooo fast and before I know it,another year has been added,a page turned in my life...I am already 31 yrs old. My parents are already asking me when I will settle..Not that Im gay or anything but this got me thinking for a while...does it really have to go with age?I dunno but emotionally Im still looking for that perfect and missing piece of the puzzle...

For those of you who followed me circa 2006 when I was still clueless on life and love,You know that Ive been thru a lot and infact have died and got resurrected emotionally many times...So many that it would shame your trusty planner

I never regreted the fact that Ive been thru ALL of those.Come to think of it,Those emotional milestones and obstacles made me like a wine...sinfully addicting as I age ( you get the point,right?)

I am now taking everything in stride...Not hurrying things anymore.Love was never meant to be halfbaked.It has to be churned and cooked with its own time..and that what Im doing now.Gone are the days that I have to beg for somebody to stay.I own now my world and my confidence and is not dependent on someone elses.

Bitch moments will always be there =) but now I know how to crush with subtlety.So subtle that you wouldnt know that youre crumbling before my very presence.And mastering this is an acquired taste.You have to experience getting in order to give something...And I always make it to the point to contain this power otherwise Ill raise chaos and hell all over ( which is osmetimes needed to wake up these idiots).

Im dating someone,more like going out with someone who is 10 years younger than me.Im not saying that I like younger men.If I could only choose I rather have someone close to my age but as destiny would have it...Younger men tend to gravitate towards me...Not that Im freakin father figure( no fuckin way! im too young for that!) but I guess maybe Im not all fuck and suck..I talk and think as well.And sense and sensibilty would always be needed in the relationship...( you bet)

Gone are the days of shock appeal as well.I play with subtlety in fashion.Clean haircut and casual clothes are the way to go.The only remnants of my flashy self are the contacts lenses which I still wear- but in hazel colors now...Taste evolves with age ...and I have found the way I REALLY would want to look and be seen.I couldve not been more grateful for this acquired taste of wisdom and sense.... =)