Tuesday, December 25, 2007

another encounter...

I had my recent encounter last night...with a friend I have been texting for sometime now and well ended up liking and courting me.We planned to meet but what we ended up was even more than were expecting.we went to sogo guadalupe and fucked the night out and i went straight to my shift!talked about christmas present...! hehehe.Any how it was fun while it lasted.He really had a huge dick...The guy is 5'11 and really knows how to move with my hips....I thrust..he grinds...damn long and hard strokes...He came while shoving his fat cock inside me...It was my first time to come and spurt while being fucked in return.whew!!! merry christmas!!! hehehe

Friday, December 21, 2007

HUBAD! a strip tease guide to men

I recently purchased a copy of this vcd and boy! it was worth it...In your face seduction as its best.Nothing got me hard than this film...In the subtle seduction category.Truth be told, I still masturbate while watching his film in my room.I sooo love the gyrating guys here! John Tanada is awesome but take note(pun intended!) of the other guys as well...The first episode got me hard andmade me exploded with the bulges rubbing against each other!..For Php 199,this is a good buy!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hey...im changing...

I overhauled my get up...discarded all the japanese inspired harajuku style fashion and currently sporting a preppy look...I know its not a standout anymore but I have my ways to compensate it..hehehe

Even the hair has changed...Im now sporting the edge up black hair...gone re the dys when I was blond...hehehe.but the contact lenses stays...Im wearing green.good combination for a chinito eyes.

I might say that I look better...more raw and a bit sexier...with black hair,goatee and chinito green eyes...things would really start happening...fill you up later sweetie...mwah!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

In the right place...at the right time

I never thought thatI'll have a double luck last friday...I went to robinson's mall to get something but what I got was more than I asked for...DAMN!!! I sucked a guy in a cr (for the nth time) and almost got fucked by a handsome guy my age in the CR just in the 2nd floor...hehehe

It happened around 2 pm and I went there just to pee and do my facial cleaning.I was alone when almost by a second, Ariel(the first guy) got inside and went to the urinal...and started stroking!....I looked at him and vice versa.It took one lick in the lips and my decency melted.Out came the Sexy freak I was vehemently keeping inside for decency purposes...I sucked him dry!The good part is He moaned and pumped my lips as well...he came into my mouth...and later I found oput that he is a SEMINARIAN...NICE.

I told him I need a release and then He held my hand and led me into one of the cubicles and sucked the life out of me.It took five deep slurps and I exploded...and he drank my juice.Dammit.

Hurriedly \i fixed myself and went outside..he followed.we talked and then I realized I need to pee...I told him that |'ll be going at the 2nd floor cr to freshen up...When I went up there...There was this guy named joseph(the 2nd guy)who was standing for the longest time in the urinal.He is tall and a bit buff...i Almost ignored him if he didnt showed me his raging cock and smiled sweetly...I told him im spent and went out after washing my face .He followed me out with ariel trailing behind us.Ariel bid us goodbye.And joseph and I suprisingly talked.And he made sense(i just hope hes not pulling my leg though)
He wanted and though straight,was willing to try a same sex relationship.He told me that he had enought of bullshitting with girls and wanna try his luck in the m2m genre.I in return informed him that if ever,I wouldnt pay him because money is not synonymous with relationship...and by gad's name,HE AGREED!!! he told me as long as he will feel that somebody cares thats ok.(SHALLOW HUH...but it got into me)
He even went with me to the bus station and waited for my bus.He got my number and promised to keep intouch.I know this is sooo absurd but the guy;s willing to know me...atleast thats what he told me.Oh well,...nevertheless I went home happy...and thirstquenched. hehehe

P.S. The guy is texting...and I think
He really wants me to get to know him more.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Pick Upper....

I love this song!!! this is my current pick upper song...a nice to start the day...smiling and grooving...even better when played before going to parties to set the gimmick mode in you...Hell yeah! this song rocks!!!!

clock strikes upon the hour.
And the sun begins to fade.
Still enough time to figure out,
How to chase my blues away.

I've done alright up till now.
It's the light of day that shows me how.
And when the night falls...
The loneliness calls.

Oh I wanna dance with somebody,
I wanna feel the heat with somebody.
Yeah I wanna dance with somebody,
With somebody who loves me.
Oh I wanna dance with somebody,
I wanna feel the heat with somebody.
Yeah I wanna dance with somebody,
With somebody who loves me.

I've been in love,
And lost my senses,
Spinning through the town.
Sooner or later the fever ends,
And I wind up feeling down.

I need a man who'll take a chance,
On a love that burns hot enough to last.
So when the night falls,
my lonely heart calls.

Oh I wanna dance with somebody,
I wanna feel the heat with somebody.
Yeah I wanna dance with somebody,
With somebody who loves me.
Oh I wanna dance with somebody,
I wanna feel the heat.
Yeah I wanna dance with somebody,
With somebody who loves me.
(Somebody who somebody who)somebody who loves me,
(Somebody who somebody who)to hold me in his arms.
I need a man who'll take a chance,
on a love that burns hot enough to last.
So when the night falls,
my lonely heart calls.

Oh I wanna dance with somebody,
I wanna feel the heat with somebody.
Yeah I wanna dance with somebody,
With somebody who loves me.
Oh I wanna dance with somebody,
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah baby I wanna dance with somebody,
With somebody who loves me.
Don’t you wanna dance with me baby?
Don’t you wanna dance with me boy?
Don’t you wanna dance with me baby?

With somebody who loves me,

don't you wanna dance
say you wanna dance
don't you wanna dance... x3
with somebody who loves me

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Its Pinoy's turn this time....

feast yourself on the drool worthy filipino hunks I spotted on the net...and they arent even in the movie industry...this goes to show that hunkiness is abundant in filipinos! sulong mga guerilla!!!


...And you thought youre in one on one cam to cam...hehehe

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I recently upgraded my phone from the humble T610 to whopping P900i.Its always been the phone Im obsessing about.Im the most happiest guy last thursday coz that the time I bought my baby...(I dont care if theres coup d etat) coz I have the phone of my dreams...One thing Ive noticed tho...eventhough its user friendly still,the program is a bit complicated than your usual Nokia phones..medyo ang sakit sa bangs!hehehe...I had to learn how to navigate the screen and the features.Light side? its like having a computer at the palm of your hands...I feel Omnipotent in some way...hehehe....I love this phone!Super!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

That one song that struck my heart...

This reminds me of that one very special person who held my heart for four months yet it seemed like he had me for eternity...you will always be the person whom I gave my very all...


wala nang dating pagtingin
sawa na ba saking lambing
wala ka namang dahilan
bakit bigla na lang nang iwan
hindi na alam ang gagawin
upang ika'y magbalik sakin
ginawa ko naman ang lahat
bakit bigla na lang naghanap

hindi magbabago
pagmamahal sa iyo
sana'y pakinggan mo
ang awit ng pusong ito

tulad ng mundong hindi
tumitigil sa pag-ikot
pag-ibig di mapapagod
tulad ng ilog na hindi
tumitigil sa pag-agos
pag-ibig di matatapos

II.(repeat CP.)
alaala'y bumabalik
mga panahong nasasabik
sukdulang mukha mo ay
laging na sa panaginip

bakit biglang pinagpalit
pagsasamaha'y tila nawaglit
ang dating walang haggan
nagkaroon ng katapusan

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This is not an inspiring note but more likely the opposite.Im talkin about two acquaintances who sadly doesnt know what this word means...
Lets call them kyemerlyn and chuvaloo.

SCENE 1: Kyemerlyn couldve have been the friend that youve always wanted except that He feels like hes all that.Hes my wavemate in the office and feels like he all that.Hes a member of the choir and whenever we have a practice,He insisted on going soprano...SOPRANO!!! and using hes falsetto voice.It just frustrates me a lot because he sounds like hes croaking and hes out of tune!!! Having trained for years in DLSU Chorale,it offends my musical sensibilities...most colleages say that he wants to overpower my voice,I have nothing against that provided that he can produce the same quality that I can produce-thats less work for me.But he couldnt and it just frustrates all of us. Another is this,one of the HR people is shall we say above average in looks..and hes hell bent in getting him! talk about guts!!! he discloses to me that they text each other regularly and he went with him in their house for over night(gasp!)True enough that they texted each other regularly.I saw it in his phone...the usual I love you,mwah mwah on the phone but being a PRO in cell romance,Im thinking...is he using a different persona on the phone? is kyemerlyn pretending to be someone and hitting that HR guy in the phone.I saw a text that made me think..this is the text of the HR guy " tayo na ba?diba dapat pag usapan natin ito ng personal?"- meaning....its just on the phone.Oh hell whatever...He never got the HR guy and hes trying to show everyone that hes heartbroken...That makes me cringe! "ate,uminom ka na ba ng kape?wala kang nerbyos ah..."

SCENE2 : Chuvaloo is smart..no doubt but hes takin it to new heights.To the point that everybody is getting a lil bit annoyed.It makes us think that hes soo in a hurry to make himself known on the floor.Playing a know-it-all.I hate people like that.Its ok to have confidence.Being a show off is another story...He makin everything like a competition...sure we have to prove ourselves but not in the way that pisses everyone.We are professionals here and not some students competing to be in dean's list.it kinda gets into my system .

So there...two people...same case...resolution?its up to them...meanwhile,I gotta stay sassy and keep it sweet and real.

PS kyemerlyn looks like MR BEAN and chuvaloo looks like a steroidal Helen Gamboa.Both are GAY.One is a cross dresser.Kaya mo yun??? hehehe

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Calendar Boys

This is an archived picture of the calendar boys back in 2005 who well,definitely agreed to pose naked.The firs guy from the left side is Josh Ivan Morales who is currently a member of a Provoq men.The 2nd from left is from G. Pilipinas...not all the boys were lucky tho in penetrating(pun intented) the show business.Some just faded into oblivion...sigh*

Naked and Sacred

A sexy song...A definite favorite.With lyrics to blow your thoughts...it was a remix tho...enjoy the groove

When I’m with you,
I feel naked and sacred.
And this world can be so cold.
I wanna hold you naked
and sacred till I grow old.

What does love mean?
Can love last?
I ask myself these questions,
haunted by the past.
I’ve walked these city streets.
I’ve known victories and defeat.
Searching, hoping, just barely coping.
Baby I wanna be good for you.
I wanna be true.
Don’t know how I'd live with myself,
if I ever hurt you.

When I’m with you,
I feel naked and sacred.
And this world can be so cold.
I wanna hold you naked
and sacred till I grow old.

Since I met you.
My life’s changed.
I feel like a bird,
that’s been let out of it’s cage.
Baby I wanna be good for you,
I wanna be true.
Don’t know how I'd live with myself,
if I ever hurt you.

When I’m with you,
I feel naked and sacred.
And this world can be so cold.
I wanna hold you naked
and sacred till I grow old.

Naked and sacred. Naked and…

Your hands feeling me.
Your love's feeling me.
When you go away...
Your heart's still in me…

Naked and sacred
And this world can be so cold.
I wanna hold you naked
and sacred till I grow old.

When I’m with you,
I feel naked and sacred.
Next to your heart I’ll hold.
I wanna hold you naked
and sacred till I grow old.

When I’m with you,
I feel naked and sacred.
And this world can be so cold.
I wanna hold you naked
and sacred till I grow old

First time in Tondo

I went to Tondo with my colleages.Its one of my friend's house.The whole experience was ok but it humbled me.Dont get me wrong.Gen's place is ok but you see,some of the surroundings arent that picture perfect.It made me thankful for our present status and continued health.Realy,you couldnt asked for more.
I bought a bag and its pretty beauiful..kinda like a fashion statement and substance rolled into one.a chi chi gucci bag that can carry most of my stuff.One downside though... miscalculated my budget.hehe.Gotta use my plastic now.Anyhow,it was good...the experience that is....theres goes another snippet in my life.hehehe.fill you in layyytttaaahhh!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A hard days work...

Who wouldnt wanna rest wih this jock after a hard day of exercising...?
I wouldnt mind...hehehe! enjoy!

Lovin the life

Im suddenly hit with a deep gratefullness so here I am...thinking and thanking those people who came into my life which left me wiser...sometimes maimed(hahaha!) and undoubtly more positive and vibrant than my previous self.I'm so loving the life that I have now and Im really hanking God that He gave me a not so perfect life...why you might ask?...this is where I got stronger...wiser.I may not have the quinnessential gay life but hey...At least Im keeping it real,sweet and sassy! and that's the bold truth sweetie...hehehe!!!

Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin

This is one of my favorite choral masterpieces...I missed my choirmates in DLSU.We used to sing this...we sang it in Padova Italy..huhuhu! I miss the harmony...Anyhow,this is done by the world renowned Madrigal Singers.The song never fails to take my breath away.Its heavenly...almost dulcet angelic in harmony.It sings the promise of forever...which basically everyone is dreaming of...Enjoy the love...this time for keeps. =)

P.S. This is the one we sang in the general assembly

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Once you go black....

I find this black guy really sexy...damn those muscles and WTF!!! look at that cock! damn...If theres one black guy Im gonna have my ass fucked,It'll be him...damn...Im having a raging hard on right now...


the mystery guy kinda looks familiar...well,this pic has been in the web for sometime now...nice cock tho...hehehe...he's related to Ethel Booba by the way...Enjoy!


If having a man would be as easy as shopping in the mall...and they would be lining up like this...damn! itll be pure Utopia! hahaha! have you decided whom to pick?...=)

I Promise by Stacie Oricco


"I Promise"

Will I always be there for you?
When you need someone, Will I be that one you need?
Will I do all my best to, to protect you?
When the tears get near your eyes
Will I be the one that's by your side?
Will I be there when you call me in the middle of the night?
Will I keep the rain from falling down into your life?
I promise, I promise
I promise I will

Will I take tender care of you?
Take your darkest night and make it bright for you
Will I be there to make you strong and to lean on?
When this world has turned so cold
Will I be the one that's there to hold?

Will I be there when you call me in the middle of the night?
Will I keep the rain from falling down into your life?
I promise, I promise
I promise I will

Will I be there when you call me in the middle of the night?
Will I keep the rain from falling down into your life?
I promise, I promise
I promise I will

And I love you more every day
And nothing will take that love away
When you need someone
I promise I'll be there for you (there for you)
I promise

Will I be there when you call me in the middle of the night?
Will I keep the rain from falling down into your life?
I promise, I promise
I promise I will

And I promise (and I promise)
I promise (oh I promise you)
I will be there when you call me (when you call me)
I promise (I promise)
I promise I will

this is one song I love to play whenever I feel romantic..heres the vid...Enjoy!

Maiden Song

Finally,the singing group that I formed finally made it maiden performance last wednesday on GA(General Assembly).The whole company didnt know this and werent prepared for the musical and harmony assault...hehehe !everyone was sooo happy and appreciative!We made waves.Even the VP of the company requested us to sing again... damn...this is the start...The start of something big!!!

A date with a dork...

Last tuesday I met someone thinking tha he was all he was saying on the phone.We met in Ortigas and went to timog in an apartelle.The guy's is semikalbo and yeah a bit nice but ...something's missing.Was it me?more mature now that I'm looking for substance rather than the crotch?...He just didnt made it to what he told me on the phone(i.e. his like this and that...)
We did it in the apartelle and another disappointment hit me when he disclosed that he is a bottom...damn!tothink I've been askin him about that over the phone.Nevertheless I have to make the most of the time...but it just now that learned that... BAD SEX IS A BAD SEX.Damn....hihi =)

Sunday, November 4, 2007


This is my all time favorite horror film...the first installation of shake rattle and roll...this is the episode Manananggal starring Herbert bautista and Irma Alegre as the manananggal...Enjoy her trasformation!!!

Baby when you're Gone

just a late 90's video to play as a background...its a nice song to hum along as well...mel c never looked so better in this...and bryan adams is handsome as well...enjoy!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


I've never been enchanted by a song until this masterpiece came along...It really hit me where it really feels raw...This song is made up of those unspoken words...yearning to be felt...This is what my heart's been playing all along..


noo'y umibig na ako subalit nasaktan ang puso
parang ayoko ng umibig pang muli
may takot na nadarama
na muli ay maranasan
ayoko ng masaktan muli ang puso ko
ngunit nang ikaw ay makilala
biglang nagbago ang nadarama

para sa'yo ako'y iibig pang muli
dahil sa'yo ako'y iibig nang muli
ang aking puso'y
pag-ingatan mo
dahil sa ito'y muling magmamahal sa'yo
para lang sa'yo

muli ay aking nadama
kung paano ang umibig
masakit man ang nakaraa'y nalimot na
ang tulad mo'y naiiba
at sa'yo lamang nakita
ang tunay na pag-ibig na'king hinahanap
buti na lang ika'y nakilala
binago mo ang nadarama

para sa'yo ako'y iibig pang muli
dahil sa'yo ako'y iibig nang muli
ang aking puso'y
pag-ingatan mo
dahil sa ito'y muling magmamahal sa'yo
para lang sa'yo

Thursday, November 1, 2007


I dont know whats with me...I always to love to see guys pissing...theres this sensuality in them..most probably because of the fact that I'm not seen when im looking at them.I just dont know but theres just one thing that I can guarantee you,it definitley gives me this kind of sensual rush...same goes from watching a guy take a bath without his knowledge...Its just sooo sexy.

Love...We gotta stop this game...

one of the old school fave,due to the fact that i freakin met someone whos hell bent on getting to know me slowly!!!!...here we go aaaagggaaaiiinnn!!!! but i so heart this song...make me wanna do my "diva on fire" attitude!!! hehehe


A hot latino to fuel your innermost fire! VIVA HOMBRE EL CALOR!!!!

Spinning Around

Remember what I told you some days ago about me getting stuck in a limbo?...Well,not for long I guess.Some guy entered my life but Im really having second thoughts now...I dunno..

I have been burned before and this would really make me slit my own throat if would turn kaputz...But then again..love knocks...and im all for loving.Darn!

I really hope to fall for the person who is adequitely supplied with neurons to understand maturity.Its not too much to ask right?or its the main squeeze?
Ill just fill you in on this rollercoater(gasp!) drama...damn.Hehe!

P.S. My career is soaring high now...thank God

And the guys who hurt me...theyre slowly coming back to beg!!! huh!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The sexiest lifeguard

Got this from chaze( hehe) damn...i would love to get drowned anytime if this is the guy who would be doing my mouth to mouth...save me babe! hehehe

Public CR scene....

This is not wholesome story.I was in Shaw MRT cr sometime last week and Im not expecting that Ill have an encounter there.I was taking a leak when this guy went beside me...started stroking his dick and got hard.Damn...whats a guy got to do?hehehe....I stoke mine in the urinal as well.Probably he couldnt take it any longer..he bended and sucked me....time was with us because not one guy got in the cr...we are practically alone.I came in his mouth.then it was my turn...I sucked him dry as well.No introductions needed.We never spoke to each otherwe just smiled at each other...when were both wiping our cum...what a sweet hot encounter!

The Ulitimate Thank You

I made a pact with the High heavens that if I'll have this one thing given to me...I swear,Ill be or at least Ill try to be the nicest guy on the block.I was really walking on eggshells these last days and when I got the result...I was really humbled and thankful.Despite the things I've done...God still granted me this one thing I'm asking him...I almost cried.There are things that you cant tell even youre bestfriend and Im simply glad I'm over with that obstacle...with God's grace.Thank you very much...Now I can breathe....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Snake Sister

This is not about me rather about what happened to my two cousins who were apparently,sisters...
The older one is about to get married this Sunday but wasnt able to...why? Simply because the younger sister seduced her fiancee.My older cousin was devastated coz she caught them up red handed.The guy tried to explain but she refused to believe him anymore.The younger sister decided to go with the guy when he decided to leave the house.Leaving her two kids(gasp!)Imagine the chaos...
It made me think of the green eyed monster called ENVY.It definitely breaks the bond that ties and in my cousin's case,the blood link between them.My cousin was still devastated but we tried to comfort her about it.She's somewhat ok now but still couldnt shake the fact that her own sister berayed her.Shit happens but I guess this definitely tops it.All i could think of right now is something good will definitely happen from this...a blessing in disguise and for the other sneaky cousin...well,KARMA is just around the corner...lets wait till it hits her...big time.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Sometimes,we come across emotions which we cant name...its a mix of all that been inside.This is what I felt the last time liam and I talked.We care for each other...dont get me wrong.But right now,we feel like it would be too much if we would give it shot.He has his schedules to fix.I got mine.Ever wondered how it feels to have someone so near yet so far?...This is as basic as it can get..

Right now,my career is going ok but I miss having someone to be there for me...Im moving on,starting and learning to fly again with my own wings but somewhere inside,theres this void.Its tolerable but then again,nobody wants to be alone and lonely.

I have always kept an optomistic point of how things would turn out and I hope that its just a phase...where I can re organize my emotional part,be stronger appreciate the beautiful gifts life has to offer...I know that people who know how to love with all their hearts wouldnt be taken for granted.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Room with your heart

I like this Mike Francis song.Sad and yearnng....hope you like this song as well...cheers!!!

It's dark and cold tonight
I'm walkin' all alone
And one step at a time
I'm gettin closer
I know she's hard to find
Instinctively I try
To take the path of love
Into the night

There would be no reason
If you really didn't care
There would be no reason for love

The door is open wide
Is anybody there
I know this must be the room in your heart
I really don't know why
But it's so easy to breathe
I know this must be the
Room in your heart

No answers, questioning
No one's been here before
I am the first to see
The light on your door
If I can hold you now
I wouldn't disagree
If there are no walls protecting me

There would be no reason
If you really didn't care
There would be no reason
For love

I can feel it
I can feel it
I can feel the love that's surrounding me
Coming in and out of you
Won't you show me the way

Watching Zaturnnah and crying in the end...(oh darn...)

Ikaw ang Superhero ng Buhay Ko

Ano ba ang sukatan ng pagkalalaki
Sa lalim ba ng boses o sa tibay ng tindig?
Nasusukat ba ito sa dami ng pinangakuan ng pag-ibig?

Sa lahat nang nakilala sa ‘yo lamang humanga
Sa tapang at lambot ng iyong puso
Ang kaligtasan ng lahat ay tinanganan mo sa palad mo

Ikaw ang superhero ng buhay ko, ikaw…
Hindi ka man lumilipad, napakalayo ng iyong narating
Nais kong sumama saan ka man magpunta
Hawakan mo ako
Maglalakbay tayo

Pinakita mo sa aking mayroon pang hihigit
Sa katahimikang nakasanayan ko
Tulad mo’y nagsimula akong managinip
Ang bugnot kong mundo binuhay mo

Ikaw ang superhero ng buhay kong, ikaw…
Pagod ka man ngayon, ako naman ang papasan sa iyo
Halika na sa piling ko, kita’y iuuwi

Dito sa bisig ko
Ika’y mahimbing

Ikaw ang superhero ng buhay ko

I was watching Zaturnnah for the nth time...I was doing well until the part when Dodong expressed his love for Ada.He sang "Ikaw ang superhero ng Buhay ko".Before I knew it,tears are flowing down my cheeks.Most probably because what I'm seeing is very much different from whats happening in the real world.
True love,sadly is very very rare nowadays.let aloe in our kind.Im not being cycnical but after of those failed relationships...i should know.Like everyone else,I dream of happy ending as well but lately,the road im taking suddenly have taken a wrong turn.Everything seems to be messed up.Guess that life...when your about get everything serious and working,everything gets fucked up.Still...deep inside,im longing to have someone...someone who would see beyond all the imperfections...im really thinking now that it is too much to ask...
I have my flaws,but I'm hoping that everything would be fine...like Ada,Im wishing for love.Not the perfect one but the kind that grows on you and last for a lifetime...I knw that people who love with their whole heart arent taken for granted by the Heavens.I hope I can find my own Dodong.The one who can take my heart to skies even when he cant fly.I cant promise him the world but I can promise him my heart...and all that I know about the word FOREVER.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ray of Hope

I got a call from liam this mid morning.I was really suprised.Moreso when he told me that he misses me a lot.The call was somewhat sweet,I was nervous...though I know that were trying our best not to say I love you,I can feel the yearning.I know him...

I learned to relax and just go on with the flow...before we knew it...we were giggling...like nothing happened.Seems like the first time.I miss him...and im keepng my fingers crossed.I included a video just incase you wanna feel the magic I felt at that moment...enjoy!

Strong strong Man

I like this video from the 80's.Its bitter sweet pop song from one of my all time fave singer rick astley.Kinda maks you think that it is really hard to let go especially when your so into someone.Enjoy the video!


Eduardo Verástegui (born as José Eduardo Verástegui Córdoba May 21, 1974) is a Mexican actor.

Born in Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas, México, Verástegui was studying law but decided to pursue modeling in Mexico City and ended up working for such famous designers as Calvin Klein and Versace[1]. Soon after, in 1994, he bacame a member of the Mexican pop group, Kairo. Throughout a four-year tour, Kairo played sold out concerts throughout Latin America, establishing them as one of the most successful music groups in the Spanish-speaking market.

In 1997, Verástegui began acting in Mexican soap operas produced by powerhouse production company, Televisa. His novelas were seen in over 50 countries, and by over 10 million viewers in the United States. In addition, his soap operas achieved record-breaking ratings in major markets in the United States.

Verástegui is one of today's fastest rising Latino stars and has been voted by People en Español as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world. The Mexican actor has also made appearances in the popular TV series, Charmed as Mr. Right, and in Jennifer Lopez's "Ain't It Funny" video and her new perfume commercials.

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Currently this is the desktop features as well as the background of my pc.the same as my banner.Its somwhat pensive and brooding.Which inturn reflects my mood now.Im doing an overhaul of my blog.You might find some cool stuff here that you can check i.e poll,pics and all..meanwhile heres my PC background.thanks chaze for tagging me!

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Way too soon...

have you ever loved someone so bad it makes you cry...? I did.Last night I was playing First Love by Utada Hikaru and before I knew it,tears are falling down...maybe because I know deep in my heart that what I felt was true..

I met someone yesterday,i mean talked to him. He was so sweet and asked me to see his pic.I was suprised upon seeing him because he vaguely resembles my ex.I know its too soon but something in me stirred.My logical side alarmed me that this is too good to be true...and when he reminded me that we just met,I guess that firmly sealed everything...It was way too soon.

P.S. I hope my heart can smile again...soon.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Emotionally yours...

Thought I'd pick the best song that reflects the way I am...at least emotionally.There are things that I couldnt put into words... let alone say it so I think the best next thing is just to pick the sounds thatll say it all.Im not mistaken after all...

I miss the guy a lot yet something tells me its not yet the right time...Im not scared to fall again...I just dont want to be rushed this time...I knw that time will come again...soon. Until then,He will always be that memory...laughing and playing with my heart..like thunder and rainstorms.

The day I duelled with Bad luck...and Won.

I went to makati yesterday to try my luck again...I went to PBCOM and applied there...well,for the first few hours it wasnt good.Imagine,applyig for jobs in two differet companies ad getting the thank you note simultaeously!!! This cant be happening!!!As if Miss Bad luck decided to give me tender loving care! I promised myself that I wouldnt go home without a freaking job and applied one laaast time...I got into this company aroud 1:30 pm. There were lots of applicants in the recieving area and the test was hell! Everything's happening for a reason I thought..."lets do this!" I muttered to myself and did everything in my powers to pass...and Voila! I got the job around 7:30 in the evening.The people were trimmed in every test that we took and its just the 3 of us who were left there standing in the end.(Taray ng lola mo diba?)
I thought I'll get a string of bad luck in 3's but this one finally broke it! I still have the power after all..hehe.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Phoenix rising

Liam called me this morning just to (gasp!) check how I've been.I told him that I'm taking everything pretty well though I couldnt believe that we ended up just like that.After the call,I texted him,thanking him for the call yet it was inappropriate.I need my space.its about time for me to think about things.He wanted his freedom,I gave it despite the pain I'm feeling.Now I want mine.I said goodbye.Though letting him know that it was goodbye for now,something in me was relieved...I cant pinpoint now but it made me ok in a weird way..Suprisingly,when liam broke up with me,I never shed a tear,i was sad but never crying.Most probably,my lachrymal glands have already been dried out from previous bullshits I've had.A new me is emerging...tougher this time.Ive gotten tired of being most gracious.Its about time to call it even...and this time,It may take a long way but i dont care for I really know that when the right time comes...every heartache will be worth it,every tear and sorrow will be erased with happiness and when that time comes...Ill be calling the shots...for keeps baby. =)

P.S. Life holds no sunny promises but then again,
life is what we make it..and I intent to win this time.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Of Setting You Free...

I broke up with Liam and finally called it quits.I was in shambles so was he but we have to face the fact that He needs to sort out his life first.I have my share of mistakes and asked for his forgiveness.Thing is he's so pessimistic,He always see life as an obstacle rather than an adventure to grow and learn from it.And I,would always always play the shrink.I cant go on forever like that no matter how much I love him.I too have my down moments and it really drains me to be ok when Im not.I cant always be perky and sunny.And he cant go on being the negative guy.It just drains the hell out of me.
Irreconcilable differences you might say but I rather think of it as a breather...time to sort thing out for us.Dont get me wrong.I still love him but we need a space I guess...to let him sort everything and find his own silver lining.And who knows...Maybe it'll be me and him still in the end...

P.S. I maybe hurting but I'm keeping my fingers crossed
that something good's gonna come out of this.

Friday, October 5, 2007

To be or not to be? ( whatever that means...)

Well,this is the 2nd part of my moments...as I was feeling low,I texted those five guys who are currently courting me to just leave me alone,I have things to fix-yadda yadda...well,It hurt me as...My husband knows about this and hes ok about it...I texted him that message too.He's in Bicol now.Nuthing came...for half the day.Then here comes the storm of messages from these guys including my husband.
My husband called me shocked...tried explaining that hes always there for me...its just that hes busy now with work.Then another guy called as well, crying and begging me (gasp!) to let him love me the way he knows it.The rest refused to take the NO statement...Jeeezzz!!!! I took my husband back and just let the rest do their thing.They want it that way,so be it.Im just going to play it cool this time.My heart knows only ONE guy.Liam knows it... =)

P.S. Ang hirap maging kagandahan! Why not?hehe!

Ian Porlayagan-Mr Philippines 2007

Mr phillipines 2007 as we hailed this year,Ian will be conquering mexico to compete there...A farmer from Nueva Ecija...well,there goes to show that we are more than meets the eye...way to go!!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Here I am again...well,I resigned from my job...dont get me wrong sweetie,They just made i look like I resigned.We had a test and I'm just a point away from the quota and they didnt even reconsider it...I hate the fact that they based everything on that and took for granted my performance and oher series of test.Its a fuckin downer.Current state now,Im in limbo but knowing how strong I am,I'll bounce back big time soon.I couldnt tell my parents as well...they would be disheartened...I dont know whats with October 4 but everything seems to be fucked up....I hope tomorrow Itll be better...this is really a fuckin downer! friends...Any words of encouragement?....

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stud of the Day

A Hungarian Hunk to satisfy your daily cravings...Enjoy his full splendor!!!hehehe