Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rift...Insecurity and blah blah....

This is'nt about me...more like someone I am now living with.Dont get me wrong...I just moved on in a townhouse with a friend and we decided to have another one shre the expenses.This one is an officemate. He was quite fine until weve reached the norming stage...adjusting to each others quirks and all shit.
He had what we call the basic carry overs of a young urbanite ( laptop,phones,CC etc...) but something 's wrong with the way he's acting. ..and Im not liking it.He has an attittude hes all that....I dunno whats happening...and slowly getting disgusted.
I am nice...way too nice and Im still keepin my temper under moderate conditions...and Im really hoping that its just a norming process...Knwoing how vicious I am if provoked...He wouldnt stand a chance ... Im still keeping my fingers crossed about the whole thing and praying that itll pass...otherwise,I guess I wouldnt have a choice but to bring out my dark side...It has been long dormant.But then feels good to be vicious and bad sometimes.Dont you think? ( smiles devilishly...)