Saturday, August 16, 2008


After the gym I decided to go for a nice massage( again) and went to this center for the blind that caters to shiatsu and swedish massage.I got a cubicle and when the blind guy got in...My jaw almost dropped.He could no more be than 25 yrs old.Boyish looking and fairskinned.If hes not blind you would think that where i got myself into is one sleazy massage parlor for gays.He is ruggedly handsome.I gave him a once over.Standing at 5'10ht,a bit buff... I think I got the prize catch of the day.He introduced himself as Chris.
I was even more surprised when he started kneading the knots in my back...He has the softest hands!!! it felt smooth.With the combination of his gentle and firm pressure,By all means,this is heaven ...bring it on.

He talks straight and theres no hint of anything gay...I resigned myself to a wholesome wholebody massage but we can never under estimate the sensuality of the hands against the skin with lubricant.Its a sure fire to burn you within.I started having a hard on the moment he massage my butt and at the time that hes in my pelvic part...I alrady have a throbbing hard on with pre cum on the sides.He continously massaged my pubes which drove me crazy and made me bit my lips.hes silent thats why I choose to be quiet as well.But when he asked me if Id like to have it this hard ( he sensually inserted his middle finger in my ass and slowly fingered me..) I said to my self...bullcrap! this is it!!!

I spread my legs wider and allowed him to finger me...I couldnt contain it anymore.I reached out for his zipper...and Fuck! was I amazed!There lies a 7 inch (i think) thick cock with a raging hard on as well.I slowly sucked him in...his precum glazing my lips( it tasted sweet)...Sensing how good I am deepthroating him,he started to move his hips against my mouth.Choking me in the process.Rhythmically we moved...him fucking my lips and fingering my,jacking my cock and sucking him like theres no tomorrow.It was fuckin awesome.With contollrd grunts and moans...I started spurting,he sensed this and massaged my prostrated even more sending me in almost shouting grunts.It was sheer pleasure. And when hes cock got bigger along with the veins..I knew he'll explode soon...I started sucking him even more...deeper and harder like a vacuum...before I knew lips are welcoming his explosion of cum...He tasted sweet.damn.
He asked for my number and gave me his schedule in the center and asked me if I wanted him to be my exclusive masseur.I said yes.I gave him a kiss and a tip inside of the cubicle.He even was the one who cleaned everything.The bed was cum drenched.I paid my fee outside the reception desk and bid goodbye to them and chris...they said goodbye to me as well,smiling.Unaware of the fucking sexcapade that happened in the 1st cubicle.

...And this is just the beginning... =)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My mom's fried chicken

I was appointed recently by force to be the chef in my team's gathering.It was held in the hotel.I was asked to make the chicken edible.So there.
I simmered the chickedn in 7-up and basil (betcha u dont know that) and cooked it in medium fire till its all brown and done.The whole team was very grateful.The chicken tasted like gourmet.I was thankful.
When I got home suprisingly,my mom cooked fried chicken as well.As usual,I zoomed to the dining room.As I had my first bite, I smiled...humbly accepting my defeat.My chicked is nowhere near my mom's.Hers was a masterpiece.Right salty and sweet and it always brings back the childhood memories of rainy nights spent with family...Suddenly,I was that 7 yr old chubby kid again.
I cant pinpoint it but something in my mom's cooking makes it a delectable feast.Probably she always cooks with love for me,my dad and my kid matter how big I am..I guess I'll always be her little boy.Whatever my mom cooks transports me in my childhood days..when we have untarnished innocence.I guess her menu will always be my comfort not singling out any because each is done with pure love...hay, Chow time!!!