Monday, April 28, 2008

Hana Kimi...and getting hooked in it

I was bitten with a the hana kimi sister was begging me to get a dvd of this since last week and I,being a good big brother bought her that.So there.
Last saturday after I got from the gym,there was nothing else to do at the house.My whole family decided to have a recollection at the mall and I was home alone.Being an active person that I am,I wandered around the house and couldnt find anything I could busy myself into...then I turned into the stack of the dvd's.It turned out to be the best decision Ive had last saturday!
I chunked in the Hana kimi dvd and voila! I was transported into the world of innocent yet courageous love...the one which will brave the odds...even transferring from America to Yang kai(the school)Taiwan to make ones dream come true.This is the world of Lu rui xi(ella Chen),Xiu yi(Jiro Wang) and Zuo yi Quan(Wu Chun).
Ive never been so engrossed before...I mean after the meteor garden mania...Ive never come to look at these series as worth my time...but then again...Hana Kimi held me like a glove...a spell...and before I knew it...It was too late.I was hooked.
The story is superb..tho for the melodramatics it may sound shallow but then again...No one can contest the level of emotions with it comes to the heart...and fallin for the guy who made you turn around your principle 360 degrees!
I was able to relate with Rui Xi (Ella).I was once like her.I think I have gone to great lenghts before in the name of love.Was scarred yet unrelentlessly be with that person no matter what.A painful yet worth remembering stage in my life.I dunno but when Rui Xi cried because of her being ignored by Quan ...I find myself crying with her...probably because her tears reminded me of the one I shed long ago...out of desperation and helplessness...Asking why everything is turning into an obstacle when all I want at that time was just to be with his side.To protect and love him.Such pure thoughts and the name of love.

I like the innocent intrigue of secretly fallin for each other and yet trying hard to contain and get hold of ones self...that is sooo romantic...They had me in giggles and pink bubbles.hehehe! what can I say? Wu chun is one of the most handsome asian actors Ive come across with...and the idea of Him loving you secretly was just too much to take...HAHAHA!!! Im beginning to be cheezy again!!!
Jiro wang is hilarious and supplies most of the laughing parts.A talented actor and equally handsome...I dunno...Hes just so endearing and whoa!!! He posseses the same heavenly body as Wu chun...Il gladly take both of them anytime!!! hahahaha!!!
Seriously,Hana kimi's plot might be shallow on the first time but if youre able to read the underlying message...its more than the highschoolish love...its strength and love combined and personified.Like Rui Xi...I havent lost the zest to fight for what I believe would last a it love or otherwise.And Hana kimi just made me realize that if you persevere and fight for what you feel...dreams do come true...and more!!!One look at how Quan starts to care for Rui xi would prove everything.Hana kimi Rocks!!!

P.S. I like the light gay undertones of the plot as well...=)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Morphing into a Bishonen...

Sorry if I havent been able to update you guys...been busy with my work ...and the gym...Whats up????

I just had my hair colored(for the longest time) again.Its a japanese hair color and the name reminds me of starbucks.Its milk tea. I've been crazy about the hair colors of my birthplace.Its different from the startling blondes of the US.Ours is subtle but kinda gets into your subconscious...hehehe.My hair is a cross over between a tamed strawberry blonde and ash blonde combined.And Im growing my hair long again...I guess Anime invasion is back with vengeance.hehehe.

Im planning to get contacts the color of blue skies...Well the contrast is good.Im a slit eyed guy and the color of my peepers are cerulean blue.A vivid features of a bishonen...And with long hair the color of ash could guess the rest.

I havent been able to pay much attention to myself...I almost got drowned in looking for that blasted "one". I guess Ive had too much...Its about time that I love myself more than anyone else.It maybe a bit selfish to other people but I have given more than enough in loving those illusions.Temporary images with temporary satisfaction.Now Im loving ME and theres no stopping the metamorphosis.Its long overdue.

Im getting double takes again but I guess Id rather focus on life now.Life with its true essence is just starting to unfold before my eyes and I wanna savor every bit of it.I have gone far and wide to find completeness but it was when I regressed that I was able to piece the whole me.Finally.

P.S. nothing compares to the happiness
of fitting into your old jeans again... =)