Monday, March 21, 2011

New Beginnings

hey,,,its been a so busy with so many things and now I feel like I owe you guys to put this thoughts here...

I resigned from my recent work...yep.for the longest time.I know its a cyclical thing but what would ou do if the health benefits are fucked up?you cant add any dependent? One of my major drive is the health benefits that i can get for my parents...sad to say they dont have it so against my better judgement, I have to say goodbyeto them.

I made new friends and one female friend has what we call 'toxic' environment...everything around here is screwed up...her husband,her pseudo firends and all...I didnt realize that one person could have so much toxicity in her life...dont get me wrong,shes my friend.Its just that she kinda drains all the happiness around you when you give her an advice.Problems never stop I know..but all at once? you gotta be kidding me...

I tried to put a lil bit distance or space between me and her so as not for me to shrivel up and die..heheh.It may not be the wisest decision I could ever come up with but desperate measures needs desperate action.

im a ertified bum for now but will bounce back in the corporate world next month...have bills to pay and a self to overhaul..heheh.

Its not the usual blog you read I know..and Ill try to fire you up sooner but for now,let my thoughts take centerstage.thanks.