Monday, May 18, 2009


I never thought I'll be addicted to music this much till now...I had this ipod for 2 yrs and had a fairly good playlist but now,I think ill go crazy if this little devil will crash.To put it succintly,I wouldnt survive a day without music.
Warren,a friend and a former DJ uploaded some songs in my ipod and suggested that i purchased this ginormous headset from Cdr-king...Like a true music afficionado,I went to the mall and did what i was told...and Wham! Music never felt this good...sooo good that its better than sex and masturbation..( for now...)
My ipod boasts now of eclectic playlist ranging from house to 80's down to the swingin groove of the 60's...A compact jukebox...and i couldnt ask for more baby!..heheheh!!!
Im planning to get an ipod touch though in the future to widen my playlist and save these treasures my only worry is how can I extract the songs from the ipod and store it in my laptops back up files...since all the songs are in mp3 form,its directly stored in the playlist...hhhmmmnnn..calling all IT professionals!!!

For now,I can say that Im really satisfied with the music and all shit...this entry is different from the juicy ones but im good...and contented.So contented that I'll just let my ears do the fucking for me...hehe