Monday, March 23, 2009

Hayden Kho Scandal Pic

I recently got jolted on this picture from my email.The sender, a friend informed me that this is the picture of Hayden kho.Yep, the estranged bf of Doctor of the Stars Vicki Belo...
I was really shocked and amused ...well the guy in the photo was quite a looker..both in the face and in nether areas but I'm still not quite was just sent to me thru email and I still have to check it further.Anyhow here its is...enjoy!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dial -a -Lover Syndrome

Its kinda ironic that people fall in love with just their voices over the sweet nothings and profess undying love for each other then meet up and...kabooom! end up with nothing...
I am guilty and have been a victim of this vicious cycle.Been hurt and wound others in the process.this got me thinking before that really humans as well as their emotions arent consistent...everything was just one big bullshit.The words that you say over the phone...the sweet forevers..all gone in a second you laid eyes on your "lover'.Because he doesnt fit your idiot of standards.No matter how much we profess that we dont have any standards...things do change in a snap when upon instinct we see that the other person that we use to love over the phone doesnt fit this unseen standard.And this is sooo pathetic.
People who were able to see whats beyond tangible are really worth keeping.I learned that in a hard way.I've lost some relationship in the past due to me being like this.I have learned my lesson...And am repairing my emotional status again.

"... most often than not,Whats beyond tangible are the
things that last for a lifetime..."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Death Note

Im still in the process of watching the series Death Note and I must say its addicting! the plot or the basic of it maybe simple but the story is twisted.So twisted that youll get hooked in it...and man! the characters...their damn raw and morbidly likable.A different take on Hell Girl but nevertheless worth watching.
It all started when a straight A student (Light Yagami) finds a notebook that inturn belongs to a Shinigami(Ryuk). A death God in the the Spirit Realm.The notebook is so powerful that it bears instructions on how to use it-for whoever name is written in the pages will die-either with heart attack if you never wrote the way hes gonna die or follow the what you inscribbled in the notes.The student takes the role of the grim reaper(Kira) and the mysterious deaths begin...baffling even the police force.
It shouldve been the start of utopia but then again,killing people no matter how grave their crime is is nothing but a mad man's revelry.Here comes L ,a mysterious detective/student whos hell bent on finding whos behind the sudden deaths...The character is quite eerie but really smart...So smart that he was able to decipher and unmask the killer...well,almost.
I havent finished the whole series and Ive heard that there is a death note 2...but I tell you..If you want an anime which is very far from your usual wholesome naruto/bleach kind, then DeathNote might just be the right series to watch on dark nights...A word of advice though- This series is bordering on the gruesome/macabre genre and would definitely keep your neurons awake.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel like everything is moving fast before your eyes and yet there you are?- in a suspended you are watching life unfold before your eyes only your not part of it.Im in that current state now...

There are times that I feel like Im so removed from the people around me.That I cant feel or relate to whats going on..A self preserving mechanism? I dont know...But at times that I feel that im saturated with the people and their issues,The walls suddenly rises and I retreat to my fortress.

Im a friendly person but I dont like over familiarity.Most probably due to the fact that Ive had bad experiences with those "friends" in the past...I still would like to have a line between me and the people in my universe.

And I hate Users... and those pretending to be nice...

I like jessica Zafra's first twisted book...because the writings and the emotions contained there are familiar.That there are times... trying times that without my conscious thinking, I isolate myself from the people so as not to get affected by their mundane concerns.Dont get me wrong..people need people...but not stupidity.

I still feel remove from the people around me and I am doing things on my own...Im not feeling any sadness but more like loneliness of the subtle type.Simply because I cant and refuse to get affected and be overfamilarized with everything...and everyone.

Sometimes I envy those people who can be friends with everyone and do things together with their friends...Im not like that.I have lots of friends but I like privacy.There are things that Id like to keep private...And Im thanking my Mom for showing me the value of privacy.

I may sound like ranting here but this is me...We can be friends...I can even offer you a shoulder to cry on.but we need to have our own cross that line...I'll slit your throat(kidding)...