Friday, July 10, 2009


Biatchy Thought :

Embassy at the Fort is not for gays and bi's..most of the people there are posseurs and
just plain look-at-me-im gorgeous please- type. Music is good but the atmosphere is fake.

I'd take Goverment and Bed anytime.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Smack -o -whirl

Have you ever been in the situation wherein everyone and everything seems to be going against you? As if the forces of the universe decided to test your patience and trip on you?...well,thats how I feel now.

Things arent that worse,its just that I feel like theres this blue funk shrouding every idea that I have...and my burst of perkiness are also affected.I hate it...I am always the last ones that gets this momentarily surge of depression but now I feel like it has eaten me..whole.

I am still sick with this acute pharyngitis and still recuperating.I dont like the idea that I cant function well.And this came at the moment wherein I decided to do my best in everything.Nice.

Im currently using all the powers that I have and the things that I have in my room to dispell gloom...will do a dvd marathon later...And Im really hoping that it would lift my spirits...I just hate the fact that the glow in me kinda dimmed for a while..hope to bounce back soon.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bitch Quotes to perk you up...

...there are times in your colored lives that you are faced with situations that leaves you with NO choice but to crush your opponents with your diva one liners...hope you get something here! heheheh...Drumroll pls!!!

  1. "You..out of my planet...Now!

  2. "Magkano ba ang problema mo...?"

  3. "Everybody is entitled to being stupid but honey, youre abusing the privilege"

  4. "I dont need your attitude..I have one of my own"

  5. "Were having creative differences..Im creative and youre different"

  6. "Its not an attitude honey, its the way I am"

  7. "Kung pangit ako...ano ka na?"

  8. " Buti na lang bakla ako...kung hindi mamamatay kang birhen.."

  9. " Nakakakilala ka pa ba ng salamin..?"

  10. " Im gorgeous...not helpless..."

  11. " Wherever I go, I make the goddamn rules..."

  12. " If you want a space, Join NASA.."

  13. "thank you for saying this, atleast im not gonna have a hard time letting you know whats in my head..."