Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nancy Jane's Love song..The DanceFloor Goddess is born

Nancy Castiglione reemerged as one of the Goddesses of the dancefloor...And we were not dissapointed.The pixie faced girl was gone and lo and behold...A sexy siren beckons to you...armed with the hypnotic voice and music...Its like Hed Kandi meets Kylie Minogue.
Her carrier track is Love song...A dance music that ironically is haunting...the effect is similar after listening to Bonnie bailey's Ever After.It makes you crave for more.The electronica blends harmoniously to her angelic childlike voice...before you know it,its too late...youre hooked.

Just for the test drive,I had the song played in the gym and most of my gymbuds asked me who's that girl singing...was it a new release from Kylie Minogue?Their jaw dropped when I told them that its nancy castiglione...They just dont wanna take it till they could get hold of the cd...well,4 buff guys rushed to the music store after they worked out.hehehe.they werent dissapointed either.
Congratulations to you Nancy Jane on your maiden album!! ! more power!!!

Love Song - Nancy Jane

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

OJ Mariano Ballads feat If ever youre in my arms again

I just grabbed a copy of Oj mariano's ballads.A collection of the most heartwarming lovesongs sung in a male point of view.His rendition of If ever youre in my arms again totally blew me away!!! he turned this song into his own,and an RnB version to boot.I was speechless.
Never was an emotion fully showcased in a song,to think that this song has been reincarnated many times.It sounded new in his voice.And you could almost feel the longingness in it...especially in the end...You could almost imagine a guy..still inlove..under the rain standing...begging you to be in his arms again..promising you forever...with all his heart.
The other songs in the album are excellent pieces making up the totality of the impact.He might not be as popular as your Jed maddela but he definitely knows how to sing with his heart...with passion and soul.His album is a must have if your a sentimental dude...youll never go wrong buying it.Trust me.Im a convert now.More power in your music!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Skinny jeans and all shit....

Before you start reacting to the recent post...its just my way of viewing what I've been seeing around...guys...girls and God forbid!!! gays alike. Personally...I dont like the fashion nowadays...its all freakin skinny jeans tight that by just looking at them you could have a hernia.
I dunno...this whole thing on the jeans doesnt appeal to me the way flared hipster got me before...I mean..sure this is hugging the curves but then might as well just wear a stocking if you want is the pair of jeans this tight.Not to mention that NOT all have been blessed with nice shape of calves...Ugh! Its just an ugly sight.
Im for the straight cut to flared type of pants...flared type of pants looks sexy especially the dangerously low cut...I dont usually wear any undies when I wear this type of jeans but make sure that I shaved my pubes to attain those almost baby hairs...You could guess the rest when I raise my arms to hold the steel bar in MRT train on a rush hour...hehe.guys and girls alike would stare at my navel...the "karug" going down to my bulge...Come to think of it...I already got 3 proposals when I alighted from the train on 3 different occasions...with 3 diff guys...but thats for another story.

Now back to fashion mishaps...Another thing im seeing is the scarves that resembles those worn by taliban men..the kind that resembles a table cloth usually in white and checkered red...I mean..cmon! color wheel has more than these colors and by Gads name! ...dont wear it here during summer!!! this is a Tropical country!! and you in any way dont look hot on these just remind me of taliban dickheads who killed stupidly in their wrong notion of Jihad.Why dont you wear something that resembles the neck warmers that we see on korean telenovelas...that is way better and could go with almost any get up..BUT PLEASE...that doesnt give you the freakin excuse to wear it outside during lunch hour.THIS IS A TROPICAL COUNTRY...and cold months are from september to january.Hope that sinks in.
Fashion may come and go and most people join the fad.I had to admit that Ive been guilty at many times but this I think,is one fad that I'll go up against...Skinny jeans dont look good on muscular guys like me...and the same goes for you guys/gays out there!...If you have a pair of gastrocnemius(calves) the size of boxing glove then dont wear skinny jeans.Or risk looking like a mutated version of Donna cruz when she was in her leggings and oversized polo days.