Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stud of the Day

A Hungarian Hunk to satisfy your daily cravings...Enjoy his full splendor!!!hehehe

The New Girl In Town ( for my friend Chaze)

I love this song man...Nice groove from a spectacular movie HAIRSPRAY! its contagious!!! and Im dedicating this song to my friend here CHAZE!!! yeah you heard it right! CHAZE of Ham@Kezo blog!!! Enjoy the grooves buddy! this one's for you!!!!


hey look out for that moving van
driving down our streets
you better lock up your man
before he meets..
the new girl in town-who just came on the scene
the new girl in town- cant be more than 16
and shes got a way of making a boy act like a clown
oh whoa whoa whoa whoa
we dont know what to do about the new girl in town

the new girl in town - seems to dance on air
the new girl in town- shes got the coolest hair
you better tell the homecoming queen to hold on to her crown
oh whoa whoa whoa whoa
or shes gonna lose it to
the new girl in town!

shes hip
so cool
im gonna get her after school
and yet we like to be like her
cuz shes the kitten all the cats prefer!

[ladies step aside]
the new girl in town
has my guy on a string
the new girl in town
hey look shes wearing his ring!
i cant stop crying
and so in my tears im gonna drown!
oh whoa whoa whoa whoa
cuz he wantes to rendevous [with the new girl]]
we're kinda sad and blue [yes its true girl]
we'd like to say [to the new girl in town]
the new girl in town
oh whoa whoa whoa whoa

hey look out for that movin van
look out
look out
look out!!

she was the new girl!!!


Damn! I never felt this good in a movie for years!!! I just watched HAIRSPRAY the movie and boy,I'm glad I did it!!! Tracy Turnblad was resurrected with much justice by Nikki Blonski. She rocks!!! and Zak Efron never looked this delicious!!! dayum!!! the whole cast is perfect and the music! man the music transports you to a different era..where the grooves are simply contagious. Furtheremore,Hairspray is an eye opener,kinda lets you have a glimpse on how racism was rampant during 60's and how the black people fought for their rights and won.Im simply gonna watch it again...HAIRSPRAY ROCKS!!!


I got hold of the m2m masahe and based from my judgement,its a good referrence...If your really aiming for techniques in massage.If your looking for a different fun then its not that much.The cinematography is quite ok and the guys seemed to enjoy everything but its just that.Not ALL that.I think the producer deliberately included the frontal scenes so as to create a stir because without that it'll be just a ho-hum reference for massage.Nevertheless it a good thing to watch with your lover...(calling bebe!!! hehehe)

Not your average morning...

I was all tired and going home two days ago from work when the bus passed by a dead body.I was in the two seater and I had the full view of the dead man.He was lying face down.and there was blood all over the cement road.Most probably got hit and run by speeding bus because its a highway.I could have just ignored it but the image stuck in my head along with the thoughts of my own mortality.I was never scared of death(well,atleast not that much even when my lola passed away 2 months ago) but this thing really got me thinking.I shuddered at the thought of how life can be gone in a split second.the first thing that got into my mind when I saw the man was for the Lord to grant him eternal peace and at the same time thank God it wasnt me...I dunno but at that time Im really glad Im simply alive...I got to appreciate everything a lil bit more and \i my heart that i wont be able to look into that spot in the highway the same again.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Stud of the Day

This guy got me drooling...I dunno this guy but he got me wipin up my lips this morning...Damn,the muscles screams of seduction and the cock calls on you...Hes a fucking HUNK BIG TIME!!! Enjoy his splendor.

My All time Favorite Christmas Song

This is my all-time favorite christmas song...It was originally sung by Kuh Ledesma but Carol Banawa did a take on this song and made it more beautiful and poignant...Heres Ms. Carol Banawa's Nakaraang Pasko. Enjoy listening...


Naglalakbay ang aking isip
hanap ka ng yong sintang nagmamahal
nayayanig sa lamig

(Oh-hoh, oh-hoh�)

Naririnig ang dating himig na may lambing
sa ilalim ng damdaming ito
sumasamo sa puso mo

Isipin ko lang ang ating nagdaang Pasko
sapat na ang pagdiriwang
kapiling ka sa tuwing sasapit ang Pasko
sa tamis ng ating suyuan

Sa tamis ng ating suyuan noon
pitak ng puso ay iisang Pasko

Sa tamis ng ating suyuan noon
(kay tamis ng ating suyuan noon)
kay tamis ng ating suyuan

Thinking...and Thanking...

With what's going on with my life..I'm pretty much satisfied,I got a high-flying career and a guy who loves me much...I just sang in the choir a while ago as form of thanking the HigherPowers for all the good things that came my way. By the way, I got the highest score in the training 96% and what I got is a pouch! hehe! ...not bad.hmmnnnn....
I hope that with all the battles I've been thru...God will grant me more strength to be there for my family and other people who will need my presence...And hopefully,emerged victoriously every battle.Wiser, sexier and more beautiful! hehehe!!!

"Sa dami ng dinaanan kong pagsubok,nasawi man ako...ako pa rin ang nagwagi sa huli...Why not?"

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I like this guy..hes my next favorite after Chris Evans.He starred in Eating Out2 which showcased his acting as well as gifted body...Would love to slurp him anytime baby...hehehehe

I Just Hate it

I just hate it when people have already agreed on what to do on a friday night,your all psyched to do it and at the last miute,will screw up the ageda...Dont you just fuckin hate it?!?...damn.
A friend and I have agreed to go to the gym after office hours and I thought we we're on the schedule. late afternoo he already informed me that his suitor had arranged a date for them ad its ok if I will be there...he'll meet us at the gym.What am I?chaperone?this suck but it didnt ended there.
After office hours,we headed to a differet place and to my complete disappointmet,we headed to a bar and grill."I thought we were going to the gym?" I asked him.He told me that we'd rather have fun since this is a friday night.That was the last straw...I walked out before Anything in my temper snaps.Liam called me (we got back together)and was simply glad that I am home...I am too.

P.S. I have a penchat for last minute
walkouts...its a diva thing...hehehe.

Snippets of the 80's

This is the decade which I sooo love...damn it got more character than the 90's...remember the padded shoulders?...the Thats Entertainment and the Aquanet tsunami inspired bangs of those girls?'s a trip to memory lane...Some of the things/persons that defined 80's...enjoy reminiscin...

Aquanet Hairspray- This is a must have for gimik nights back then.It resembles Baygon but his one is for cosmetic purposes...We call it Spraynet that time.

That's Entertainment- The defunct show by Kuya Germs that literally launched the careers of thousands of artists such as Manilyn Reynes,Sheryl Cruz and Romnick Sarmienta...Now that time,it was a battle of talents.

Tsunami Bangs- Girls really dig this hairstyle as well as the cobra look...You could almost shout a roll call and every girl would stand straight in line

Music- Cyndi Lauper,Madonna(when she's still in leather and lace phase)Spandau Ballet,Propaganda,Eurythmics and Michael Jackson...need I say more?

Fashion- 80's was a real character when it comes to fashion...the clothes are screaming with color! Neon green,Electric Blue,Pink and yellow....And the shoes goeswith that too!

Phoebe Cates and Brooke shields- The most beautiful girls at that time...Dubbed as America's Sweethearts...I wonder where they are now career wise...?

Movies- Who can forget Flashdance, Mannequin, St Elmos Fire,Breakfast at Tiffanys,Fright Night,Ghoulies and Molly Ringwald?...the movies epitomized the era with everything thats going on at that time and Molly Ringwald is hailed then as the moviedom's perfect teenager.

Debbie Gibson- Pop princess and dubbed as the Eternal teenager that time...I sooo love her music!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Since October is fast approaching as well as Halloween,i decided to come up with Haunted places I've been to.Some are known for its notoriety and some are just plain spooky.Nevertheless it never fails to give me goosebumps whenever I remember them...

1. CR of Education Bldg (LaSalle dasma)- Rumor has it that a student aborted her baby in the girl's cr.Eversince then wailing sounds can be heard and a spectre of a girl drenched in blood appears in the rustic walls of the cr.Personally,I heard sobs reverberating from the walls at those times I pass by the cr nightime on the way to my boarding house.

2. RCBC plaza's 6th level basement- I personally experienced this.Since Its literally below the ground,Only the bulbs provide lighting on the area.Around 3pm my friend Peanuts and I went there to get my car.The car happens to be in the rear part and we're the only ones there.As we approached the car,we heard another set of footsteps...REALLY ECHOING around the place.As soon as we heard the footsteps,the place somewhat turned ICY cold.I never ran that fast in my entire life.Thank you.

3. The Iron bridge in Osorio,Cavite- This bridge has a lot of things going on with it.It never fails to claim a body every year.EVERY YEAR.And spectres really appear in the vicinity if your that sensitive.I've seen some weird hings myself while passing on this bridge.I was with my BF at that time goin home around 2 am.I saw a girl/teenager waving with her handkerchief trying to stop us.I told my BF to just go on driving and ignore her.I already sensed she is not of this world.I was proven right.AS soon as we neared the girl,she just vanished.We were scared shit but good thing my bf didnt panicked.Some say that girl is the cause of many accidents happening in that bridge.

4. Manila Film Center - This is considered as one of the most haunted spots in the philippines.It entombed hundreds of workmen sometime in 80's.One could really feel that spectral atmosphere and the daunting ambience as soon as you set foot in the stairs.The ghostly apparitions and sounds emanating from the walls.Its long been closed but still,the hauntings still lives on...

5. The Mural beside the Jose Ma.Guerrero Theatre (U.P. Diliman)- If by chance you are in the vicinity,care to inspect the mural on the lower left part of the mural.There is a certain painting there of a girl with eyes so sad.Whats eerie bout this is she seems to look at you whenever you go.The painting of that girl is really out of place.Some say that this is a tribute to a certain student who jumped off from Palma Hall sometime in the 90's.Her month is September(probably the month she died) and some maintenance says her painting vanishes and you can actually see her walking the halls of Palma late at night...

There you go for the first batch...
I'll keep you posted for the 2nd batch of eerie places next entry.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I've always been drawn to YAOI (boy love) animation.They are sensual and innocent at the same time.Here are some of the pics I got from browsing...Enjoy!


Two days from now I'll be working in a new bldng and new surroundings.A change of ambience and hopefully, this is where I grow business wise.I kinda had a bad experience with my previous job...what,with a psycho on the floor(remember PRANELA?) just got shitty at that time.But destiny holds better things for me now...Im keepin my fingers crossed.
Let me tell you a little secret.Currently 6 guys are hitting on me.I dunno.Ive been a faithful guy and all but they seem all nice(... ok,wheres the guillitone?)Call me whatever you want but this is my not so big dilemma...Jeeez!!! and they are all tall!!! the shortest is 5'9!!! I've never been the flirting kind but lately I am kinda more than accomodating to all of them...Ok,Ok I know I shouldnt be but they are all sweet...dammit. =)
Liam is quite far from me now (hes in Bicol for God knows when) and lately what I've been seeing is He's viewing me as more of a competitor than a partner.Take for instance one time I suprised him with a song...He never thanked me instead he told it would be much better if he has a better voice than about rivalry! he always competes with me...Ive been ignoring everything but lately is getting into my nerves...And whenever he calls it was always2x about his problems in his work.Im thinking that he got me because he needs a shrink.Im freakin more than that.
Im so in the brink of letting someone new in my life right now...and just waiting for the signs.Frankly I couldnt survive a long distance relationship and him being pessimistic just unnerves me that much.Im bidding away my time to straighten out my emotional life and get the ball rolling for keeps.

P.S Red is really a BF potential
while Bryan is the sweetest one...hay!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Charmed Ones

"...Hear now the words of the witches. The secrets we hid in the night. The oldest of Gods are invoked here. The great work of magic is sought. In this night and in this hour. We call upon the Ancient Power. Bring your powers to us sisters three! We want the power! Give us the power..."

Sounds familiar?...well that is the first incantation that the Haliwell Sister's chanted to recieve their charmed powers...
Never in my life have I liked a sitcom so much until Charmed came into the boobtube.The moment the first series was shown,I know for the fact that I was hooked for life... Magic and Vampiness never looked this good and the spells...they are really rooted from ancient chants that the wiccan people have raised to proclaim their oneness with nature thousands of years ago.Not to mention that I am one of them...I came from the long lineage of witches in my mom' side and could guess the rest. =)

PS. I even have the whole charmed collection
season 1-8
I still prefer the first 3 siters...Miss you Prue!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

If Ever You're in My Arms Again (Piano Version)

I simply couldnt believe that ill be able to find a full length piano version of my all time favorite song!!! and the arrangement simply blew me away!!!...Its like falling inlove again!!! damn it! When I first heard this version,It made me teary eyed...Its magical...almost heavenly...Enjoy listening!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Bakit Ba Inibig Ka...

I chanced upon this song while looking for the ones that I can download in my i-pod. The song kinda struck me...bringing up those what could've beens...(sigh)Which kinda made me reflect,when is the time you can call it quits with someone? even if what you have is true...will it be worth the fight?...and the uncertainty goes on.
I have been there,done that but then again,learning the lesson doesnt end in that specific chapter.You would still meet a lot of people and situations...and still learn...I hope Ill be able to suck it all up and emerge victoriously smarter that the piece of what I used to be...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bahay Kubo... The Pink Version

Valer kuberch kahit dyutay
Ang julamantrax donchi
ay anek-anek.
Nyongkamas at nutring
Nyogarilyas at kifay
Nyitaw, nyotaw
Kundol, jutola
Jupot, jolabastrax
At mega join-join pa
Jobanox, nyustasa.
Nyubuyax, nyomatis
Nyowang at luyax
And around the kyeme
Ay fullness ng linga...

"And you thought it only has one version....=)"

Im Changing...

Well,I recently changed my hair color back to black.I bought light blue contacts and it looks smashing with the black hair...there is a goth undertone on that.Im loving the conrast.
I changed appied for a more lucrative job and luckily I passed.I'll be starting this September 17.Its going to be a lot of hardwork but I know I'll get rewards in the future.Next,I'll be bringing back my body...the really muscled type of guy...need to be the best that I can be...well,Fitness first is just around the corner so I'll be checkin it out later.Lovelife is a rollercoaster of emotions and frankly I am not complaining...I'm loving it so good it hurts!

Monday, September 3, 2007

RAIN (piano instrumental version)

I stumbled upon this rare piano version of madonna's RAIN and the song sounds celestial on the piano...I dont know the name of the girl(bless her!) but she played with such gentle melancholia...I guess every song played on the piano is is it.Enjoy!!!