Monday, September 22, 2008

SOIS TOIS (just be...)

After all the I am and I guess..well,survived it all. Im already 30. A sexy goateed chinito...ripe for pickin...hehehe
Upon looking back at what my life has been, I can say that Ive been to the pits and heavens and have made it to what I am now. Im not regretting anything and I feel that just as is just starting to unfold...for real.
I think I have never looked this best until now.Well,compared to my highschool pics... you could say I've metamorphosed.Big time.I've never been more confident until now.
Most probably this stemmed from the fact that I have stuck it with my values no matter how many times I was sidetracked in the past.I may not be the type of guy you would take home to mom but surely im a good guy...sooo good you that you'd wish I'll be the one you'll wake up with everyday. =)
I have met someone again...but this guy was able to domesticate me.Clippin my horns was never easy but he did it efforlessly.hehehe..or I just love him that much as well.I can say that I have never been so comfortable with someone until I met Mikel. My half...

This may appear as some random musings of guy in retrospect but then again..I could ve never been more proud that I am what I am now. Stronger,wiser and keepin it real... and I have come to learn AND ACCEPT THINGS AS THEY ARE AND JUST LET THINGS BE ASL ONG AS IT MAKES ME HAPPY AND IM NOT HURTING ANYBODY'S ASSES(pun intended)

....Just be....