Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Narcissistic? or just plain fed up with this...?

Im sorry it took me this long to write here...been busy with the past months...but im writing here again...for good.Much has changed about my life...Im more buff...bigger you might say.Been pumping iron in the gym.And guess what ? Still single...ooops! hehehe
Ive been dating but lately it seems that all the guys Im dating with arent on the same wavelength.Im just 30 but whenever I talked to them,I just couldnt relate to their ideas.Theirs are trivial( think PSP) bordering to mediocre( think All stars DOTA).I mean,theres more to life than pulverizing your opponent with your lasers...cmon.
Its kinda tiring on my part...feels like a vicious cycle ...I cant seem to find the person whom I can relate mentally...comprehend things outside our comfortable shell and talk about life in general.Paging sensible guys out there...?!!
Guess I just have to focus on how I can make myself more presentable.I know that guy is just around.Ill bid my when he comes into my life..itll be worth it for both of us


Glenn said...

just hang in there... ^_^

Anonymous said...

it will just come... without you knowing it... just make sure you're worth it.