Saturday, July 26, 2008

Transparency...or somewhat like it

Friends are there to be your support system.And Im really thankful that I have them its just that now,I dont know if its right that I told them what I feel firsthand.
Im not happy with my current immediate superior and the team mates that I have.Somethings just not right.Being the sensitive guy that I am,I just cant pinpoint it.It all started when my efforts on this certain contest where overlooked.I felt unappreciated.That where I started to get frozen.Before I used to devout most of my time to my previous team but now it has a timeframe of 10 hrs only.I wanna get away from them as soon as possible.Im not comfortable anymore.
I know its not right that i told my friends abt what I feel first but then again...friends understand you in your own wavelength.They dont judge you for what you are and your thoughts.Well,the upshot of it was my superior learned about it and she texted me about the whole thing.Now where would you start to break the news that you dont wanna be in her team anyway?I still look up to her thats why I dont know how to start.Well as long as I can be transferred to another team,thats fine.
I already talked to our director about this and he advised me that he will definitely give a feedback to her.I ask him what if she bullied me because of this?The director informed me that if in anyway the treatment change,I should inform him at once.Im still keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be fine and I will be transferred.Good thing I have my boyfriend whos there for me..he patiently listened and hugged me.In him I was able to find support and love.and with my family around me,I know ill get over this obstacle.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I dont think I'll ever fit in to a situation and get stuck in it till kingdom come.I dunno...I hate being stagnant.I can stay for like a month or two but u can bet your two cents that i'll start squirming after that...Just like what im feeling right now with the people around my work place.I wanna soar high and welcome the refreshing as the skies above me.
Dont get me wrong...I can blend easily with people and most often than not,I am the life of the group.but I wanna do things with friendship.Not out of respect solely.I long for the time that I was in my previous team.Where everything was done with camaraderie and the willingness to help...even if its thank you only.
I can combine friendship and respect but if its just one...I dont think I can survive that long to be productive.I pulsate with lights..different lights and emotions...Respect is good..but I need to be humane...And I wanna do things with not just respect...but because they are my friends.I have done my part and delivered the goods...I can only hope for the best...And I'm really raring to go to my former team.