Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"You just have to pull the red string..."

This is my favorite line on the anime series that I am currently hooked on.Its not your usual anime(not hentai...stupid)because it aint for kids.This is basically horror anime which centers on this certain website that can only be accessed at the stroke of midnight, and those who want do it should have enough thirst for revenge to summon the main character Enma Ai a.k.a Hell Girl.The black clad unform,long raven haired school girl with piercing red eyes who carries out revenge on your behalf.
The whole essence of the series is somewhat gloomy but nevertheless this one certainly satisfies one of our primal instinct...the need to get things even on those who have wronged us great.I like it for that.Imagine having someone ferried your enemy straight to the depths of hell?what couldnt be more satisfying...?
It may sound tempting but there is a price to pay...As Enma ai tells the disclaimer to the protagonist,.."When a soul is cursed....two graves are dug...your enemy will go straight to hell but when you die,yours will have the same fate...going to the pits and not having known paradise..." the covenant is chillingly tempting as she hands a doll with a red string to the person needing revenge...and she just needs to pull it to seal the covenant.
this anime is as dark and gloomy as it gets but as soon as you watch the first episode...youll get hooked..its addicting.Imagine witnessing the deaths of many villains and having the main character triumph at the end of the episode..now it doesnt get any better than this,right?...and Id rather see someone get torn into pieces and be carried straight to hades than see him rot in jail.I wish www.Hellcorrespondence.com really exists...sigh*
All in all ,Hell Girl is really a deviant anime,breaking the usual norm in cartoon world and people might chastise this...but lets get real...what would you rather see?..The rapist rotting in jail or having him splintered into pieces then get ferried by Enma Ai to Hell?...as she puts it..

"The decision is yours to make..."

Friday, December 19, 2008

Turning into Wine

When I reached 30, I thought I'll never get to enjoy things that I used to do..goofing and all shit.I got into this little demented though that Ill be like the quinessential dirty old guy..hehehe but I notcied that everything turned out to be favorable on my part. I may have looked different from my late 20's but im definitely better now...sexiness and wisdom combined..hmmnn..a fatal combination...hehehe
Im sporting a semi mohawk now...the kind that still can blend into the crownd though most of the time its a sure standout...and with reddish brown color...makes me look more japanese than ever.Its a sure tamed one compared to the blonde hues I used to sport in my early years but this is more easy on the eye and definitely matches my skintone.
I let go of my contacts lenses and amd seen with my natural eye color.Though I miss the different hues in my eyes,I guess I look better when I have natural browns...BUT I shaved my eyebrow...Ooops dont get me wrong...this isnt your drag queen type of shaving but more like how japanese guys shave their eyebrows...or rather I had it cleaned...now my eeys look more samurai than before...
Perspective wise,Ive grown a lot...I used to beg for relationship before...and had my share of humongous disappointments but Now,I can say that Im better...more matured and naughtier...=)I was able to see things now that were overlooked before...and care for the people I used to take for granted a little bit...
Lastly,One of my friends told me that Im slowly turning into a wine...like it..as I age gracefully,I become more well rounded and a better person thatn who I was before.Reflecting on the things that I've been thru and the things that made me who I am now...I couldnt agree with her more. =)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Twilight Hype

Just watched the DVD from the states that my cousins sent me.And Im really thankful I never watched on the cinema.I hate to say this but the movie just doesnt do that much to jolt my senses.To brutally say it...its a normal love story laced with vampire undertones.The story is a bit draggy and I must say...Titanic would definitely be better watching again.
Dont get me wrong,the cast are all superb and the effects are subtle and esential but this just wouldnt do...the movie is the visual substance of everyhting thats written and it somewhat fails to deliver.I have all the books concerning the journey of bela and edward and from someone who has read it first...the film tries hard to stick with the plot but fails to capture that dark brooding magic of the story.The things that captured my attention and the time that I stayed glued on the screen was the baseball game and the confrontation of James and Edward and its just that...I know that this is just the start of the saga of this star crossed lovers and things (I hope) would get better on the installments...but if you were to ask me now which I prefer?...I'd take Titanic anytime.