Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Goddess versus Ms Attention Deficit Syndrome( well,...almost)

The girl whom I was talkin about in one of my entries finally blurted it out...She finds me ignoring her too much to take...and she would seek the help of HR if this would continue...duh!!! Well she talked to our trainor and we were asked to patch things up.
After some senseless argument on whose right or wrong...I gave in...We reconciled.But it made me chuckle devilishly inside that hey...Im this much to her!to think that Im not doing anything nasty...yet!hehe! well,She challenged a Goddess...so there.
she wrote me a letter later on explaining and acknowledging her mistakes and insecurities.It touched me.Knowing that beneath that ms know it all facade is just a girl who just wants to be accepted and is doing it a wrong way.It made me feel blessed as well that I dont have to feign confidence.Well,I might not have the revenge Im wanting but making me realize that Im a lot better than the current state shes in now is definitely a reason to make me thankful.

PS were friends now and shes
starting to tone down.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Come Inside My Heart

The first Korean lovesong that captured my heart.This song is from Full house,a korean love/comedy story about an actor and a writer whos tupsy turvy love ended in a fairytale romance...I love this song though I couldnt understand it.Hence the endless search for the translation of this song.Luckily I found the translation...Enjoy the song and its words in english!!!

Full House Theme Song

Come now inside my heart, You're telling me about love
I pray that this isn't a dream
My heart keeps telling me that i shouldn't let go of you
and that i should be greedy.. it's saying stuff that's stupid
Your love that came accidently.. it wasn't strange at all
But I didn't know that our promised relationship/fate/destiny would become love..

Sometime later, I have to send you away.. but I don't have the confidence to do that
You found the place that I was alone at.. Now you're gonna go back
I knew it was going to happen, but why does my heart hurt
Now you're gonna go back to your place because you found the love you wanted
I have to send you, a happy/bliss person, away with a smile

You tell me about Love while lookin into my eyes, but it's a lightly passing by (small/grazing) love
I'm so happy right now, it's like i'm dreaming a dream
Now you know that from the beginning we were in love
You found the place that I was alone at.. Now you're gonna go back

Stanza 2:
I knew it was going to happen, but why does my heart hurt
Now you're gonna go back to your place because you found the love you wanted
I need to send you, a happy/bliss person, away with a smile
Can't you give me your love, Can you really not/Is it Impossible?
But now I love you so much...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Getting a job and Ms. Attention Deficit Syndrome

I got a new job last monday...God is really sooo good.Plus the fact that I realized how my husband loves me that much.He rooted for me to just go on coz he knows I'll get it.I never told my parents though...Ill just suprise them with money from my first salary.
The batch that I was in was pretty ok.except for one girl who has an attention deficit syndrome.I thought she was ok the first time thats why I gave in to her friendship.Wrong decision.I think I resurrected Cruella deVille.
Lets call her that.Ms Deville thinks that shes all that...the powers that be so to speak.Always knows everything.I couldve just ignored it when the most dreadful thing happened.She made a not so nice comment after I expressed my opinion.You know how Goddesses get back when offended right?...=)
I kept my cool but deep inside I was seething with anger.How could this organism impose on me and act as if shes the center of the universe?It didnt stopped there...She even questioned the credibility of our trainer for just an added point in our test!!! how rude and shallow headed can you get?!!!
I'll keep my cool and just ignore her for the following days to come.After all,she is not the reason why I'm there.I've got a career to focus on to and my lovelife.Im complete.I just dont know about her...And I dont care.

P.S. Im still thinking of crashing her skull
and smearing her brainbits on the wall...
Now,that would be fun, wouldnt it?hehe

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Big Girls Don't Cry

Love this song...No other than from the Duchess.Enjoy!!!


Da Da Da Da
The smell of your skin lingers on me now
Your probably on your flight back to your home town
I need some shelter of my own protection baby
To be with myself and center, clarity
Peace, Serenity

I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has nothing to do with you
It's personal, Myself and I
We've got some straightenin' out to do
And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
But Ive got to get a move on with my life
Its time to be a big girl now
And big girls don't cry
Don't cry
Don't cry
Don't cry

The path that I'm walking
I must go alone
I must take the baby steps until I'm full grown
Fairytales don't always have a happy ending, do they
And I foresee the dark ahead if I stay

I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has nothing to do with you
It's personal, Myself and I
We've got some straightenin' out to do
And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
But I've got to get a move on with my life
Its time to be a big girl now
And big girls don't cry

Like the little school mate in the school yard
We'll play jacks and uno cards
Ill be your best friend and you'll be mine
Yes you can hold my hand if u want to
Cause I want to hold yours too
Well be playmates and lovers and share our secret worlds
But its time for me to go home
Its getting late, dark outside
I need to be with myself and center, clarity
Peace, Serenity

I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has nothing to do with you
It's personal, Myself and I
We've got some straightenin' out to do
And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
But I've got to get a move on with my life
Its time to be a big girl now
And big girls don't cry
Don't cry
Don't cry
Don't cry

La Da Da Da Da Da

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Smacked Down

July 19 2007 would really go down in history as one of the unfortunate days in my life...As if the whole cosmic forces came smackin down on me.First I walked out of my job...My superior took it against me that I have many absences.This is when my grandmother died and when I got sick big time...He disclosed the fact to me starting with the usual intro "im sorry to inform you..." that I didnt passed the appraisal thing.Strangely,I was happy to know that I wont be regularized...most probably because the whole thing of working with them doesnt appeal to me anymore...its the same routine.And the people are mostly super fake.The way they kiss ass would really shame the vacuum cleaner.And I've been feeling that this superior have the grudge on me for the longest time.Hes gay and I guess I'm more beautiful than him =)I got someone who loves me and all he got are rumors of relationship.It was a nice thing and a relief that I wouldnt be working with them anymore...but I got sad,i mean half of me.I havent told my parents about it.and I almost broke up with my guy last night as well...aah,the tension of everything that happened proved to be much to take last night.I was complete mess.
Luckily my boyfriend was really understanding...he held on to me despite the fact that I was in pieces and thankGod,were still intact.I slugged it out with tears last night and am feeling better now.I know God listens and Ill have a better thing for me in the future...Ill just keep my faith.His love endures...

P.S. Ill get the job by Monday...its job hunting time again!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Just when is next time...?

Just when is next time?...or tomorrow?...that you will love again after the tempest...and everything would still be in one piece...
In retrospect,upon looking back on what I have become after so many heartbreaks I've been through,It dawned on me that these scars just made more optomistic.Some would just quit and some would whine about how unfortunate they are but whenever Im in the pits,I shed a tear...and promise myself that it would be the last time I'll shed a tear for that guy.
I never thought Id reach this far on the relationship department.Many times I've been sidetracked and made to believe that everything was ok...only to know that it was just me trying to work things out...And I thought this vicious cycle wont end...
Still,It made me hold on...hold on to the thought that a heart who knows how to love wont go unnoticed...that the spaces in my hand would still be filled with someone elses...I held on,despite the pain.
It made me cherised the little details in everything.Things that made me happy...and those that can make others happy.Pain is beneficial if it teaches you to hold on and be strong...and the wisdom that comes with the learning.
Dont get me wrong...Im happy with someone who loves me just as much as I love him.But there are quiet moments in one's life where you need to look deep within and asses how far you've gone thru...despite the pain and all.
So just when is next time...? I may not know the right answer but this I know...As long as you keep that little faith that love would find you...that God is preparing the best love story for you...The next time youll fall will always be there...till you can wrap your arms with that person and cherish him...for keeps.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Digital Orgasm

I just love the digital fix on this...this is Itai Atlas,an Israeli hunk...damn...love the concept and the orgasmic emotions...I could almost feel the sensation on the pic...sensual and sexual.

Japanese Toilet Humor

I laughed my lungs out on this one...almost literally!!! it cant get anymore twisted than this...well...some things you have to know about japanese public toilets and saunas.Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


This is the trailer of one of my all time favorite movies.Made in 1984,this is really an 80's flick and a take off from the supergirl in comics.Love Helen Slater here and Dame Faye Duanaway is a bitch from hell...A ticket to memory lane...Enjoy!

Monday, July 16, 2007

2nd Fight

I had the 2nd world war with my beau.I wasnt able to check my phone and have fallen asleep...the usual thing ,I wasnt able to talk to him.And when I called him...hes fuming mad.I feel like I'm talking to Mt. Vesuvius...The legendary volcano which swallowed Pompeii...The upshot of it was...he cussed at me.I hate swearing and so there.Up goes the world war II.
I almost called it quits with him.I just hate what he did.He said no.Hes just upset.I still wouldnt want to take it.Exasperated,He told me that he'll talk to me when were both calm and ended the talk with "I love you much dha.."
I love the guy and but somehow,when he cussed at me,It made me upset...but I'll give him another chance...after all,thats what love is all about.
Then as if nothing happened...I guess those words did it...=)

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Akihiro sato...of Japanese and Irish lineage and currently working as a model in Thailand...He definitely looks hot...of boyish charm and almost raw animal sensuality...hes the kind of guy you'll take to mom and screw at the backdoor afterwards..hehehe


Hana Yori Dango

This is what started the F4 fever of meteor garden and its japanese counterpart with the same title.I particularly like the storyline in japanese version...not to mention that it got started first than the meteor garden.Simple with subtle twist...such as Makino Tsukasa's friend who has a twisted side...and her eccentric mom...I think I laughed here more than I laughed at meteor garden but since the storyline is 90% the same...its both appreciated.I havent wathed the anime version though..And I'm really scouting Greenhills and Quiapo for that...but as of now...Ill settle with Makino Tsukasa and Domyuji..hehehe

P.S. I really like the schoolgirl outfit here.

Your Link on the site *Hana Yori Dango*

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Ive never seen a beautiful guy this hung...jeez! i could do pole exercises on his schlong!!!!!heres him for you to feast on...be careful...im still thinking if its a dick or a boa constrictor...hehehe!

Dont cha wish you're in there?

I found this picture courtesy of TGE and its cool...Dontcha ya wish you know how to put on some make up this time?

Another Comrade from the high seas...

these are the times that I wish I am the camera man...damn he rocks!!!love the innocent look!

In The Navy

This is what they do behind closed barracks...Enjoy!!!

Next Door Male A Hot site!

I stumbled upon this hot site...its next door male.com!!! damn! the pics and the guys are just oozing with raw sensuality...I just have to wipe my drool! hehehe...heres the link...enjoy!

More Guys at Next Door Male

Like a Virgin (My first voice recording)

Hehehe..this is me...just figured it out that its a high time that you guys atleast hear me... sorry for the noisy background though...mwah!

pinoy gay blogs

I recently checked out this cool website which aims in promoting and uniting the Pik literary power...you can check it out in the link below


Bring it on...All or nothing

I just watched the 2nd installation of the movie Bring it on starring solange knowles-smith and Hayden Panettiere (the cheerleader in Heroes)and I must say,the movie really delivers the goods! nice moves they 've got there! Not to mention that the guy lead cheerleader(Gus Carr) is sooo hot! I think he is a latino.
The plot is common for the dance inspired movies but nevertheless entertaining because of the black people there...They surely can do the moves.And the competition with Rihanna as the judge is awesome...Recommended for sleepover parties and get togethers...watch it sweetie...you'll like it.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ewan ko lang...

Im late kanina...nyeta.though I was suprised coz I never expected that the guy im having a slight crush(crush lang naman ah...)are so into witchcraft.wala lang.It made me happy coz he talks to me now...OOOPS!im not replacing dada...love ko yung mister ko no.Its just that...hay! masarap makakausap ng gwapo paminsan minsan...pakunsuwelo sa stress ...hehehe

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

On becoming a Man.

We had a fight last night...It started when I asked about my b-day and he forgot it.I am particular with those dates because those dates are really worth celebrating.I mean...Who would want his b-day to be forgotten?much more by the person he loves?
I wasnt in the mood for a talk so I turned off my phone to have it recharged.I dozed off and when I woke up its already 1 a.m.As soon as I turned on my phone...torrents of message started comin in.Its from my partner.And then He called just as I was dialling his number.He is so mad...telling me that he's into pieces all night trying to reach me and all.I was explaining everything when he blurted out that we should end whatever we are having now.I was suprised...shocked is more like it.Just because I wasnt able to turn on my phone,everything would just go kaputz?!?
For the life of me...I cried.I am so hurt with those words.He started crying too...saying He just got carried over by his emotions and he doesnt wanna let me go.He'll go crazy-to sum it up.He just loves me so much that he didnt know what to do and was profusely saying sorry.He is taking those words back.And he loves me dearly...
I was also suprised to hear such declarations coming from the lips of a 19 yr old guy...He used to have problems in expressing his emotions but here he is...a heap of mess trying to make sense of everything and gathering all his wits and courage,begging me to stay because He just loves me so...My dada is slowly becoming a man.
He later confessed that hes not like this before.Its just now that he's able to encounter such strong emotions and are suprised of what he can do just to make someone stay.And then he told me "Da,nagmamahal na talaga ako ng totoo ngayon...at ikaw yun.mahal na mahal kita." I couldnt agree more with that. =)

P.S. We got sweeter and more understanding on each other.
This must be what love really is...

Monday, July 9, 2007

Ikaw lang ang Mahal

I'm still feeling down the trip to memory lane...heres another one for easy listening.I like Donna Cruz a lot..her style of singing is heartfelt.Another masterpiece from her.Enjoy.

Ikaw lang ang Mahal

Ikaw lang ang mahal
At lagi kong dasal
Sana'y di magbago ang damdamin mo
At ang iniisip mo lang ay ako
Huwag mong sasabihin mayroon ka nang ibang giliw
Baka hindi makaya kong mawawala ka
Dahil puso ko'y nasanay na

Palaging ikaw ang nais makita
Ganyan lagi ang aking nadarama
At bakit ikaw and siyang minahal
At aking inibig ng tunay
Huwag mo lamang sanang sasabihin,
Iiwanan ako at may ipapalit ka sa akin

Huwag mong sasabihin mayroon ka nang ibang giliw
Baka hindi makaya kong mawawala ka
Dahil puso ko'y nasanay na

Chorus (x2)
Palaging ikaw ang nais makita
Ganyan lagi ang aking nadarama
At bakit ikaw and siyang minahal
At aking inibig ng tunay
Huwag mo lamang sanang sasabihin,
Iiwanan ako at may ipapalit ka sa akin

Iiwanan ako at may ipapalit ka sa akin

Here to stay...

Another song from the late 90's by no other than Donna Cruz.Such a beautiful promise made into music...enjoy the easy listening.

Dhada...this is my promise to you...

Stick with you

What I feel eversince I've met you....I love you..always will.

Never appreciated this song this much till you came into my life dha..
loving you was the best decision I've had in years...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Adam Garcia

I'll always have a soft spot for
Adam garcia eversince I saw him in COYOTE UGLY.The guys a total Hunk!!! endearing,sensual and cute...what more could you ask for?..too bad he hasnt been getting any projects lately but he still tops my hunkilicious list!


I wasnt able to call last night...kasi naman,my partner has a class and afterwards he texted me hell be going to SM manila with his friend.So I kinda thought that it would be a bit too much if I call him.E nakapag usap nanaman kami.so there.
Then he called me this morning..at galit! mind you...mahal ko pa ba daw sya?parang iba na daw yung feelings ko...im cold na daw(!) Dyosko! wala pang 24 hours yun ha! beat that...hindi ko alam kung matatawa ako o sasampalin ko sya sa inis...at binitiwan pa ako ng finale na "kung hindi ko daw sya mahal...sabihin ko na daw at ng hindi sya mukhang tanga!" Grabe ang scripwriter nito!!!
I pacified him and told him that its absurd na I dont love him anymore...mahal na mahal ko sya.Hay,ang ending..parang batang sinusuyo ko nanaman.I dont have problems with that.Infact,in the twisted romantic side,I feel good...hehehe.most probably because he really loves me...or even more than I love him.Aminado din si gago na namimiss na nya talaga ako ...hay,si dada ko talaga.

"I have waited for him this 28 years of my existence...I couldnt afford to
loose him and wait another lifetime...Love you Dha...mwah!"

Luscious Asians

Just to start your day right...enjoy!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007


I thought Id share you this pic...Another pinoy delight.Enjoy the contours!!!!!

*Courtesy of TGE

A Fiery Japanese guy...

Love this pose...and what a long schlong for an asian...Enjoy a hard day!

P.S. Would love to slurp his anytime...hehehe

Hail to the Queen of Pop

No artist can surpass what the queen of pop has done for shall I say,almost 3 decades?...She carved her name into the 20th century as one of the Icons to behold and still wields her scepter regally as of this writing...And Im talking about no other than Madonna(you know you had it coming,dont you...?)
Still fierce and strong like the first time she burst in the pop scene in '83,madonna continues to held her audience captive with her evolving music and image.Sometimes called as the queen of reinvention,she constantly sheds layers and layers of persona only to reveal a more raw and enchanting being ever ready to have you smitten anytime...I call that Chameleonic.
Madonna's fierce artistic expression also irked some religious sectors due to her videos(Like a prayer,Justify my love...Erotica) but this didnt shook the diva one bit.To her,Artistic expression transcends all race and gender and even religion.This cemented her reputation as an Icon.
A feminist and rebel by heart,she constantly provoked the media with thoughts long held taboo by the society which in turn paved way for a more liberating views for women.Music was her lethal weapon and no one can resist it.
This didnt go unnoticed in the gay community,She made it clear that her music was for everyone to enjoy...A free spirit journey for everyone to experience...Go Ahead!!! EXPRESS YOURSELF!!! this she said...Lo' and behold,The gay community has found their Queen.
Personally,I will always look up to Madonna as the torchbearer of everything thats free and yourself.No one dared to go the path she chose to thread and this earned her my respect even more.It might be not your saccharinely sweet way but taking risk defenitely has its rewards...
"...And she rose to embrace her people...her music..her kingdom."


Friday, July 6, 2007


I got sick thas why I wasnt able to fill you in and as of the moment I'm still recuperating but I'm getting better.
Those times that I was down with a high fever made me think of my life(or was I hallucinating?)...somehow,I realized how far Ive gone thru in this journey,how much I have evolved as a person and how many obstacles I've won with the Big Guy's help of course.
It made me realize one thing...No matter how great we think of ourselves,we're all but tiny specks in the presence of something superior and mighty...An omniscient and loving presence that continually guides and never gives up on us no matter how stupid we have become or failures we've got.
Im a catholic but I dont think that God looks like charles helston.I see Him more as a warm and comforting presence where everything is safe..secured and away from harm.Im taking this time as another wake up call and thanking you for your vast patience for me...
I have stumbled so many times,hurled unprintables when chucked in the middle of nowhere but still You never gave up on me...You never asked me yet you've understood my feelings,frustrations and silent tears.I seldom run to you but You were always there ...waiting for me.You know what will make me happy from the inside and I hope one of Your angels are reading this blog...so that he may whispher in your ear how much I'm grateful for everything thats been given to me...the safety,abundance and health of my family and those who love me.Im thankful.
Im not the chosen one...thats sooo big and heavy to carry but more like someone who's finally recognized that there will always always be a greater and all good Force working for everything and everyone...Who's been there for mankind since time immemorial...And for all of this...thank you God.


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

To Be Near You

This song if im not mistaken is the themesong of the 90's sitcom Felicity.The song is great for early morning hours of cuddling with your love one...with moonlight streaming on the window...

To Be Near You

Are you just a habit
Or some kind of addiction
Can't seem to get you out of my system
What good you have done to me
Feels so stuck like glue
Turn the pages in my head. there's only you

I don't care
I would do anything to be near you
I would go anywhere to be near you

Am I truly hopeless
Am I be pathetic
Are you aware of my existence
Would you mean everything to me
If you spend a little time
Could you given to me with an ease resistance


I would do anything
I would go anywhere to be near you
I would do anything, go anywhere
I don't care
I would do anything, anything, go anywhere
I don't care to be near you
Just to be near you

Monday, July 2, 2007


One of my earliest poems and presumably darkest,when I was still in grief mode over a stupid fuckhead...


You once said that love will not fade
and took your time...
But now Im looking at the shadowed mirror
of loneliness
What went wrong...

I built my world of hopes and dreams
Even wished for the eternity...
Now im holding nothing but this frayed
piece of my self
remnants of what used to be me...

I gave everything to that dream
of having someone to cherish forever with
And now coldness swirls around my heart
at the point of no return...

"...And you once said that you'd be here
with me...? FUCK YOU SWEETIE..."

Ryuhei Matsuda

The object of all the unspoken desires in the samurai clan..He definitely IS cute and looks like a breathing anime.

The guy has almost withdrawn lips (devon aoki lips) and porcelain skin and peepers that has a slit eyed quality yet piercing....perfect.Kakkoi ne!!!

Gohatto (Taboo)

I want to watch this movie.Its about homosexuality in the grand old days in Japan...And in the samurai clan to boot.This movie states that given the limited and almost no option to prge the unspoken desires...macho men of those times can bend their preferrence...

Heres the partial movie review taken from JINK

" At the temple Nishi-Honganji, the Shinsengumi militia is selecting new recruits. Commander Isami Kondo, (Yoichi Sai) and lieutenant Toshizo Hijikata (Beat Takeshi) are supervising the recruiting process. Those hoping to be chosen must face off the best man in the militia, Soji Okita (Shinji Takeda). Out of all the men present, only two are chosen: Hyozo Tashiro (Tadanobu Asano), a low-level samurai from the Kurume clan and Sozaburo Kano (Ryuhei Matsuda), a handsome young man whose looks are almost vampiric. Tashiro is immediately drawn to Kano who has the slight stature of a girl but the lethal arms of a seasoned swordsman. Lieutenant Hijikata notices these elements as well as the budding attraction of Tashiro. "

Dennis Trillo Scandal

the alleged Dennis trillo scandal.


I was feeling horny and thought I'd like to make you feel whats burning in me...heres a sure fire to pump up that rod of yours...hehehe

P.S. one of the longest scandals I've got.


This is one of my well loved jpop songs sung by seiko matsuda.Her voice is crystal clear it literally entices you to listen...a jpop gem.heres the song...enjoy!

Sunday, July 1, 2007


These are my fave scents...and man,nothing could make me stop dead on my tracks unless your wearing one of these olfactory delights.Let me enumerate them and tell you what comes into my mind whenever I chance upon these scents.

AQUA de'GIO- This is a clean scent...reminds me of a fresh squeaky clean boy next door type who just came out of the shower.Definitely captivating.Reminds me of rain showers and the dew kissed flowers after the downpour...

ESCAPE for Men- definitely oldschool...This scent reminds me of my crush in highschool.hehe...wholesome scent...Picture a meztizo tall guy with buff body and wearing eyeglasses...sexy geek.A head-turner scent.

ISSEY MIYAKE -A staple.I think most of the Bi population have this scent.hehehe.Never fails to make me notice of the person wearing this scent.Enchantingly cool.For regular days.smells good even more on airconditioned places.

FAHRENHEIT- this is what I call post coital scent.hehehe.woody and darkly sexy.Suprisingly blends well with cigarette after smoke scent.A scent that reminds me of a rough and tumble evening.

CK Summer- This scent reminds me of handsome twinks...hehehe.so young yet sensual.Fresh and doesnt overpower your nostrils.Definitley for hot weather.

GREEN TEA- Reminds me of my band days.Used to wear this one when I go up onstage and sing.Still smells fresh even if you sweat a lot.A clean crisp scent that relaxing...calms me down.

Nobody wants to be lonely

I love this song! Never fails to bring out that latin grooves.The beat is just sooo sexy! not to mention that the vocals were hypnotic...this definitely tops my list...and the lyrics just gets you.Would love to sing this with someone...enjoy!

"Time is precious and its fading away..nobody wants to be lonely...
so why dont you let me love you...?"


One of the most famed troika of gisande brothers who burned the stages of several gay bars in metro.Truly an epitome of adonis...the physique are to die for...those piercing eyes and omg...the boa constrictor he has under that thin piece of cloth!!! These pictures were taken during his heyday.He has retired from dancing and last time I heard is just driving a taxicab....hmmn

"wonder when will I chance upon him?...=)"

To Reach you...

I personally love this song...when it was released sometime in 2000.The song basically tries to mend everything that broken between the two people...the most romantic surrender I've listened so far.
Imagine my suprise when dada told me that he likes the song too! I mean,If you gonna look at him from head to foot,he doesnt look like the one who'll be going gaga over regine v's songs but 'lo and behold!...Its his favorite song as well.I even made that my ringtone years back when Im still using 3315.hehehe.
I dont know but the song really gets me to momentarily reflect on unspoken emotions...things I could've said and those heartfelt happiness.No person in particular...just raw and in your face feelings...

heres the vid...enjoy!

Colored Peepers

Being a plain joe zillion of years back,Im usually drawn to people whose eyes are different from mine.Something in them draws me...makin me stare at them for hours.Dont get me wrong,I like my eyes,its just that it wouldnt hurt if I got a little something extra.
So there,I saved up for my first colored lenses and voila!from the raven black peepers that ive got,Im suddenly turned into a gray eyed asian goddess.hehehehe!Being chinito made it more special because of the contrast of features.gray eyes are for caucasians.And to be spotted having those mysterious gray eyes is something.
From there I think Ive tried all colors and even got the balls to have those "wild eyes" before.I loved the feeling when people looks at me in the eyes and suddenly stares coz I got a different hue...much like the enchantment I felt years back whenever I encounter people wearing contact lenses.
Right now,Im settling for the hazel green,its looking so natural on my eyes you cant tell if im wearing one.depending on light,sometimes its brown,sometimes its green but nevertheless...enchanting.And when I look at myself in the mirror,Im liking what I see...a hazel green eyed goddess set to conquer the hearts of many...Bring it on bitch!hehehe

P.S. Im thinking of getting a gray contacts again... =)