Monday, February 25, 2008

Praying for Love

this is one of my favorite video by donna de lory!!! the last time I saw it was 1993...i was only 15 yrs old!!! damn!!! its very rare...and if you will listen to the lyrics...its heavenly..deep and mysteriously romantic...enjoy the sexy groove and video

P.S I love the way she and that guy dances...its erotic...

Friday, February 22, 2008


I dont know whats with me...eversince I could remember,if I hate someone ...something bad happens to them.Im pretty much convinced see I hate this one officemate because of her not so nice attitude...I just dont like her .I never wished her ill things but something bad happened to her it a coincidence?i dunno...but as far as I can remember,I thought of something...(its vague)that can make her realize that shes not all that and days after that...this thing happened.I still feel sad but somehow vindicated...she kinda made me out of place...and I feel that it was worth it...She learned how to talk to us again like friends...I dunno...I just dunno.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Hate List

I'd like to think that Im a sane person who loves peace but then again...everyone harbors a dark side...and now may I present to you...the factors that never fails to bring out the vicious side of me.

1. I hate those people who take their sweet time withdrawing to those ATM machines...and if your freaki unlucky ...they have their friend's atms to chuck out their freakin salaries.I almost once crushed a dumb factory girl for doing this...If they wanna take their sweet time...go to the bank and please let your other friends withdraw their own respect to those who are waiting.

2. Those who demand that you should be goodlookin prior to EB but looks like your sole upon meeting.Jeez,If your not that presentable...then dont impose on others.Makes me wanna hurl them at the guillitone.

3. Those cashiers who simply refuse to exert effort in giving you change.They would simply tell you in a nonchalant way that "sir,we dont have change". Is it still my problem?Go get your ass moving to look for one then.

4. Those freeloaders who disguise as your friends...They would get your trust and then borrow things and money from you and would suddenly have an nothing ever freakin happened...

....these are some of them..i'll fill you in later...have to think still about those things that are bringing out the Mr Hyde in me...

Lo que siente la mujer

This is madonna's version in spanish of What it feels like for a my my recent favorites! the video is at the bottom.check it out

Lo Que siente La mujer

labio suave y rosa... baby
piel de miel, dulce y silenciosa

te parece confundida
su pasion esta escondida
nunca sabes lo que va decir
cuando empieza a sonreir

quieres ver lo que siente la mujer
quieres ver y tratar de mujer

seductora, pero nunca
misteriosamente dura y fragil
lagrimas que no te enseña
su dolor no deja huella
no la trates ya de impresionar
solo dejate llevar

Friday, February 15, 2008

...Psychological catatonia

sorry if its just now that I ws able to write or atleast inform you that im still existing.Been busy with my so called life...Have you ever encounered writer's block? its like a constipation of the matter how hard you just wont idea's coming out...even if feb 14 is way past from terrorizing me..I am stil in psychological catatonia...but Ill bounce back soon..

Friday, February 1, 2008

Date with an angel

One of my favorite films of all time!!! plus the heavenly music thats played actually when the angel takes flight.But this one has the full length of the song I come alive...Enjoy!!!

Free by own choice

The one im currently with informed me that his visa just arrived from Canada.Suprisingly it didnt hurt that much...maybe because I know that hes going anytime soon.And he was the one who was actually crying.I told him to go for it...That he prayed for this to happen and now that its here,He should grab the chance.Afer we talked,I kinda reflect on myself...Was I too scared to face that hell go? or have turned Ice cold to shield my self from the pain?...I guess having been a veteran of such many failed relationships,I opted for the latter.Maybe I just dont wanna be in the pits again.And I know Ill find someone better...But for now,I choose to be free...vree from the pain of being left behind.I am the creator of my symphony and I choose to create the happiest music the world will ever hear.